Les Mills Bodypump Review + My mini Spring Break

Happy Hump Day Friends!

Today is the last day of my mini Spring Break. We had to give back two days because of the snow- so I will be back tomorrow. Kind of a bummer but what can you do.

I promised a pic of my Easter dinner that my dad makes:


Lamb, orzo, and asparagus with mint jelly for the lamb. So many people are weird about lamb but I grew up eating it on Easter so I enjoy it. People are like oh the poor lamb. But if you eat meat then you really can’t say anything, right? Because then you should say poor chicken or poor cow?

My desserts were a hit πŸ˜‰


We put ice cream over the apple crisp- delishhhhh!

Monday morning I woke up and headed straight to the gym for an awesome morning workout. I couldn’t go for a run because my foot was still bothering me from my long run on Saturday. I decided to wear Blue and Yellow in support of all the Boston Marathoners. A lot of people at the gym seemed to have Blue and Yellow on too. πŸ™‚ Loved all the support.


My workout was AWESOME! I found this 20 minute HIIT workout online for the elliptical and it made me sweattttt!

Then I did chest and tris, 5 minutes on the rope climber, my PT leg workout and core work + ending it all with a good stretch.

I have been working on fueling my body better pre/post workout. I have been reading about the importance of getting some nutrients in your body after really putting your muscle through some work.

Some pre-work out snacks: apple with a Quest Bar, sweet potato with almond butter:



I’m trying to have carbs + fat + protein beforehand and the same for after.

In my gym bag I have been bringing almonds and a banana or chocolate milk and almonds to have afterwards. These snacks are not in place of meals, just something to help give my muscles and body the recovery it needs! I want to learn more about how to nourish your body for working out. If anyone has any great resources please let me know!

After the gym on Monday and a big salad:


I got to WORKKKKK. I cleaned my entire apartment from head to toe. I cleaned and scrubbed every nook and cranny in the bathroom, kitchen, living room, and hallways. I even mopped! The place looks sparkling and feels amazing!!

Tuesday morning I got up and fueled with:


Overnight oats in an empty almond butter jar- literally my favorite breakfast ever.

THEN I got to work again on my bedroom. Oh my, did I go crazy! I bought a shoe rack and another shelf from Target to help organize my closet. My biggest issue is that all my shoes were not fitting on the bottom of my closet and they were just piling on top of each other and slowly making their way out of the closet. So I re-did my closet and put away all the winter clothes.

Here is a before and after:


I also decided to make a “workout area” in my room. I took a drawer shelf thing that I was storing paper in and decided to keep all my workout clothes in that. Took another plastic storage thing for all my “gear”- garmin, iPod, Swedish Fish, etc. I put my yoga ball, foam roller, yoga mat, weights and running mags all in that section. I also have all my running jackets hanging there too:


So happy with how my room turned out! I feel so refreshed and have a clearer mind! πŸ™‚

Here is a pic of a yummy snack I needed during this whole process:image

Rice cake, laughing cow cheese, raisins, and cinnamon. Yummy!

After my cleaning frenzy, I headed into the city to take my first Les Mills Body Pump Class at the Union Square NYSC (Ritz Carlton haha). πŸ˜‰

Quick Review– LOVED IT!

Real Review– When I got to the gym I was a little early so I did my 20 minute HIIT on the elliptical. Then when I got to the room I saw everyone gathering lots of weights and whatnot and since the instructor wasn’t there yet, a friendly girl helped me out with what to get.

Gear– You need body bars and then you put different weight plates on them depending on the different exercises. You use a “light weight” which I had 5lb. plates and then during the workout I added 2.5 lb. weights on each side. You also use a “heavy weight” which I had 10 lb. plates on each side. You also keep some plates on the side to use as free weights too. You need a step and a mat too.

Workout– The workout targets different muscle group during each song. You work all muscle groups in the whole class. The instructor explained that it is not a class to make you “big” but rather gain “lean muscle.” Works for me! I just love weight lifting and it is a Β fun way to do it. We did a TON of squats so I think you can get a nice booty from this class. The music was fun and I am feeling sore today! My only “eh” was I would have liked to do more core work. There is an ab blaster class afterwards so now I know to sign up for that too for next time!

I am hoping to find a way to work this into my schedule now with school. It may be a lot to run into the city during the week but we will see! If not, I will def be going all summer long. I realllllly loved it! If you get a chance I would say give it a go!

After that I headed home and enjoyed my meal this week:


Chicken & Veggies in a peanut sauce, Brown Rice Quinoa Pasta, a side of brussel sprouts and a side of kale πŸ™‚

I then got a chance to go out with the girls in Hoboken for some drinks. I had two Hard Ciders and it was a little tough starting out on my run this morning. I can’t hang like I used to πŸ˜‰

I am glad that I took a few days off of running to heal my foot. I feel fine walking and felt it a tiny bit during my run. I think part of it was mental as well like I kept waiting for it to hurt. My foot feels pretty good now, and I am currently elevating it and keeping it iced. I guess the muscles and tendons were just really beat up from the half and needed some time for rest. But I can’t rest too much because Brooklyn is May 17th and will be here before we know it!



Supppper slow 5 miler today, wanted to take it easy as my Doctor recommended.

After that I headed out to lunch with my friend who came to visit in Hoboken. I decided to try and look nice and I am always dressed in gym clothes or baggy pants to work.


Wide legged jeans, coach sneaks, and a button down top. It was fun and fashiony.

Oh remember when I said I wanted to do a Transformation pic- ahhh here it is. It’s so funny I feel weird putting this on Instagram but don’t mind doing it here?

photo 3

The left is in 2012 about 30 lbs. heavier. Right is healthy eating, running and weight lifting. Feeling so great but NOT crazy! I eat to fuel my body and don’t count calories and I exercise for my love of endorphins and seeing the (my) world through running. πŸ™‚

Okkk that was a tangent. haha Anyway back to my afternoon. I didn’t get a pic of my salad but it was delicious! We went to the Hoboken Gourmet Company which was new to me and I really liked it! I had a beet salad over mixed greens with gorgonzola and pecans glazed in maple syrup, grilled chicken added, with a balsamic dressing.

After that we grabbed a quick coffee before she headed to the train, so I finished mine by the water:


Absolutely gorgeous. This view never gets old.

I then came home and baked those chocolate chip coconut cookies for the girl at work that gave me all these clothes. I hope she likes them!

I’m bummed my break is over, however it was definitely very productive with some fun mixed in!

This weekend I am in my friend’s wedding so I will be very busy this weekend. Hair and makeup call time is 7am. Do we think there is a way to get my long run in before??? Haha I am seriously considering waking up at like 4:45 to head out. I just know Sunday I probably won’t be feeling too hot to go for a long run. We will see!

Enjoy the rest of your week friends!

Have you tried Les Mills Bodypump?

Any good book recommendations/websites for ways to fuel your body for working out & running?




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