Wedding Weekend!

Happy Sunday Friends!

I had quite a busy wedding weekend so here goes my re-cap!

Friday night was my friend’s rehearsal and rehearsal dinner for her wedding yesterday. So I first got a MUCH NEEDED mani/pedi.


Toes- Essie- Full steam ahead. Nails- Essie- Meet me at the alter (so appropriate for this weekend).

The rehearsal dinner was nice! I had a very yummy red snapper dish (no pic).

Here is a pic of the Groom’s cake from that night!


He is big into hunting so the caption is very cute. I’m not a big cake person but I really liked this! Very moist and not too sweet. Just yummy.

Saturday morning I set my alarm for 4:30 to try and get my long run in before heading to the salon at 7am. However, it was raining and I decided that a long run may not happen. I just decided to let it go, because that is how life is sometimes! I did a 30 minute weights/HIIT workout in bedroom before heading over to the salon.

We were at the salon from 7-11:30…. it was a long morning getting beautified πŸ˜‰


I LOVED the way my hair and makeup turned out. I got fake eye lashes which totally made the look. I need to start using them more often……

We then headed back to the bride’s house to get dressed. The dress we had was a a dress that you can convert into 30 different ways with these panels that are on the dress. We had a girl who knew how to do all the different ways to come to the house and tie them for us.Β 




I really loved the way the girl tied mine! The look all came together nicely! I felt awesome in the dress! My sister was like girl your arm and back in that dress!!

After the ceremony it was time to party! We enjoyed an AMAZING cocktail hour. Some fav food that I enjoyed: sushi, caviar bar, roasted veggies, pickled beets, watermelon/feta/mint salad, lobster raviolis, shrimp cocktail, raw bar, stuffed clams/mushrooms, andddd a few glasses of champs. Cocktail hour is like game-face time. You need to strategically get ALL the food in an hour. It’s quite the operation πŸ˜‰

At the actual reception they had this beautiful pear/bleu cheese salad with cranberries and a raspberry dressing aka couldn’t eat it because I am allergic 😦 It looked pretty though!

I then had the Chateubriand (steak) with mashed potatoes and green beans. I don’t eat red meat too often so at fancy places I try and get it! After that I WAS SOOO stuffed and it was a little hard to dance, but I rallied through. I had many glasses of champs and some cocktails and didn’t feel a thing, so I decided to just switch to water for the rest of the night- why waste the calories if the happy juice wasn’t working! Haha it was all good, no need for that to have a good time.

For dessert there was an awesome cake from the same place that the groom’s cake was from. They also had these plated desserts:


I could only pick at the top of everything because there was that damn raspberry drizzle on the bottom. It was okay because my stomach was not fitting much more in it!Β 

When I got home I took of all my make up- took about 3 washes haha took 68 bobby pins out of my hair!!!!


This morning I slept in (until 8 at my parents house since the wedding was up here) haha that is sleeping in for me! I decided that I felt good enough for Long Run Sunday so I enjoyed some coffee, water, a quest bar and an apple before heading out. My dad suggested brunch for after my run- so nice, so I decided to get out there a little quickly.

Not sure if it was the Quest bar that wasn’t fully digested but the first 5 miles I think I felt everything I ate at cocktail hour. I had quite a stomach cramp for a good part of the beginning of the run, however it did slowly start to go away. Lesson learned: let quest bars digest, maybe don’t go for a long run after consuming random food at a cocktail hour haha. I stopped halfway through for a bathroom break and then kept going for 5 more miles! It felt great to get an awesome long run in! Brooklyn is coming soooooon! Then we headed to brunch and I had initially wanted a turkey sandwich for some strange craving but then I saw Avocado, Bacon Eggs Benedict with a chipotle sauce and knew that was what I had to get. So glad I did because it was freaking awesome!



Then I headed to TJs for the weekly haul. I did no blog research before I went so I made up a very random meal. I think it will be good. Ground turkey, onion, frozen brussel sprouts and frozen peppers (both bags were a little more than a dollar each), a can of diced tomatoes, green lentils (a cheaper carb too like $1.99 for the bag), and this peach salsa all mixed together! Interesting combo- full report on how it is this week! I was trying to keep the cost down because the wedding was an expense so picking frozen veggies instead of fresh really helped!


After that I saw that I had two really brown bananas so decided to whip up some easy cookies: two smashed bananas, a cup of rolled oats, some cinnamon, a dash of vanilla extract, chocolate chips and a little apple sauce. Combine together and bake at 350 for about 15-20 minutes.Β 


The rest of the night will be packing up all my crap and heading back home. We are gonna have a lighter dinner of some sushi from TJs because of all the eating we did this week!Β 

I will leave you with a cute pic of my doggy that was demanding love while I was icing my knee and foot πŸ™‚



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