When it doesn’t all go according to your plan

Hello Friends! Happy Thursday, it is finally Sunny and gorgeous out today, feels like spring! The past few days have been sooo nasty out!

So after the wedding, Monday morning I woke up without an appetite which isn’t like me because I love breakfast!


I didn’t even eat the Luna Bar because I just couldn’t.

The rest of the day was great and I ate according to plan!

I went to a Spin class at a NYSC by my work- I cannot tell you how amazing this passport membership is! This was my second time taking a spin class and I liked it more than my first but still not in love! The first time I took one was years ago when I wasn’t in shape so I basically wrote off the class within the first 5 minutes. This class, I was able to keep up with, it was just that there was a veryyy cute little old man teaching it, which just didn’t pump me up. Not meaning to judge- he truly cared and I got a great workout but I think that the music selection is key to spinning (from what I have heard) and the songs just weren’t motivating enough for me. The guy was SO sweet though, so I may give it another chance. He even gave out York Peppermint Patties at the end of class- adorable 🙂

After spin I did back, biceps, core and stretching. 

Then I headed home to re-fuel…

Here is a pic of what my “weekly meal” looked like:



It was delish! 

Tuesday morning I woke up and there was NO way in hell I could eat. I felt awful and had a 99 degree fever. My stomach hurt so bad and I felt sore and achey all over. But since I am a workaholic stubborn girl I went to work anyway and wrote it off that I was sore from taking spin. 

Welp- ended up leaving work early because I couldn’t tolerate the stomach pain. Went to the doc because my fever went up to 100.7 so I got some stomach meds and my blood taken. I ended up having to take the day off yesterday too, in which I spent most of the day sleeping which is so unlike me 😦





That turkey sandwich was rough afterwards 😦 Bland foods sure lack a variety of color. I miss fruit and veggies!!!

Today I’m doing OK but not 100%. I also haven’t been able to run/exercise at all….but also unlike me I have no desire because I have no energy at all 😦

I can’t wait to be better! 

It also stinks because I prepped all this food that I am going to bring to my family because I definitely can’t eat most of it- blech!

But such is life….sometimes we have a plan, and life has another plan. Hills make us stronger, right? 😉


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