Weekend Recap!

Hello! Happy Sunday Night!

I officially feel 100% better today! That virus knocked me outtttt.

So Friday night I planned to stay low key after the hell of the week I had. So I decided to try and go to the gym and see how I could handle it. I didn’t feel up for any cardio but I decided to do chest/tris/shoulders/forearms and a tiny bit of legs and core work. After a little more than an hour I noticed myself yawning and decided that was the sign that I was done.

After dinner I did some googling to find a recipe to bake with apples because I hadn’t been able to eat mine all week. So I baked these yummy apple cookies to bring to my friend’s house the next day.



Good ingredients: rolled oats, apple, whole wheat flour, honey, baking powder, cinnamon, butter, and vanilla extract. Easy and pretty healthy!

Saturday morning I woke up for “Long Run Saturday.” I was able to have coffee, an apple with almond butter and a kashi bar. Still wasn’t ready to try a Quest bar. 

It was SO gorgeous out but I just didn’t have the energy to pull through. By mile 2 I was feeling tired and by Mile 4 I knew I just had to stop. I even brought a mini water bottle with me which I never do and I needed it at mile 2. I hadn’t been able to drink much water the day before so I think I was dehydrated. It was hard and frustrating but I had to listen to my body. Running takes a lot of energy and without the proper nutrition all week and the virus still leaving my body I just wasn’t ready to run long. Since it was so gorgeous I decided to follow the rest of my running route and just walk and enjoy the day. I’m so glad I did. 



4 Mile Run + 2. 5 Mile Walk + Stretching and Core Work on the Pier =




I love where I live. 

After that I was hungry and craving watermelon but wanted to stay outside so I headed to a little grocer nearby and went back to the pier.


After a run I usually want a big breakfast but my body still wasn’t in the mood. This was perfect! I LOVE Chobani coconut yogurt, it’s my favoriteeeee. 

I then headed up to my parents for some laundry and meal prep and my friend’s BBQ.

I kept my shopping light as well as my meal prep. I didn’t even buy tomatoes for this week because the thought of acidy food was just not gonna happen.


Simple shredded chicken, with quinoa and broccoli, brussel sprouts, and sweet potatoes. I didn’t even want to buy eggs! My whole appetite was thrown off!!


(I had it tonight- threw some sesame dressing over it and voila- not so bland 😉 )

After meal prep I headed to my friends BBQ and enjoyed the nice weather!

Later on I went out to dinner with the fam to celebrate my parent’s 37th wedding anniversary!

We went to an Italian place so I had a hard time picking because I still wasn’t 100% and everything had tomatoes.

I ended up trying Tuna which I had to send back because they don’t cook it through all the way. It was kind of a disappointing meal so we got ice cream after to make up for it.


(Looked good but it was “eh”)


The ice cream place had fro-yo so I ordered peanut butter fro-yo with reeses peanut butter cups! Mad up for the crappy tuna haha.

Today I woke up a little before 9! That is late for me but it felt great! 

I try not to run back to back so I don’t injure myself so I looked up classes at the gym. I signed up for a Shredder class which is basically a full body weight lifting class with dumb bells, not like body pump. Before the class I did that awesome 20 minute HIIT elliptical workout that really makes me SWEAT! The class was great and so was the HIIT workout! I felt great afterwards!

I headed home to quickly re-fuel before meeting up with a friend for coffee. 


I decided I don’t hate eggs again but only had one in my fridge. Haha do what you gotta do- such a random re-fuel.

After coffee with my friend, my sister came down and I headed to the Hoboken Music and Arts Festival with her and my two friends! It is SO fun! There are all these street vendors with art, jewelry, food, exercise places! I signed up for some free classes at random places and got some info from a woman who makes quilts out of t-shirts! We sampled some dips and the girls got gyros. Since I already had lunch I decided to try a fun Corn on the Stick Snack.


The weather was on and off all day, cold, rainy, sunny, windy! Make up your mind weather!

After the festival my sister had some time to kill before her train so we grabbed a drink!

Now I am relaxing and blogging and munching on some strawberries.



It was a great and fast weekend! I am sooooo happy I am feeling better. I am hoping to go for a run tomorrow- hopefully I have my groove back! I haven’t been able to do week day runs in the past two weeks a lot so I need to get back! Brooklyn half is in less than 2 weeks!!!


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