Some Fun Finds!

Happy Hump Day! 

Hope you all enjoyed Cinco de Mayo! I did with a little Cinco Miler that randomly had speed work in the middle.


9:25 minute mile?? When I was running, I was like wow being sick really wore me out because I was breathing harder and really feeling the run. I try not to look at my watch while running because I feel like it messes me up more. I know I should be using it for pacing but I like to do my thang 😉 At the end of the run when I saw my watch to look at the splits I was like ohhhhh so that is why I was breathing pretty hard! 

Tuesday I had a complimentary personal training session at the gym. She started out asking about my fitness regime, figured out my body fat, muscle, and recovery heart rate. It was interesting to learn a little bit more about myself. Nothing to obsess over but just cool information. After that we did what I guess was a HIIT work out. I did tricep push ups. Burpees with a Bosu ball, Mountain Climbers on the Bosu Ball, Planks with leg lifts on the Bosu Ball, and rows with weights. I did get sweaty but it was a pretty short workout. The girl then tried to get me to purchase personal training packages- $70 an hour- NO SORRY! It just isn’t worth the money to me. 

After that I did back and biceps and a little more leg work + Stretching. I figured I did enough core with the trainer so I was good. I don’t know what it is but sometimes I can be so lazy about working my core. I gotta keep up with it! It helps me be a better runner- so necessary! 

Today I ended up doing 5 miles again then ran right to the gym for a half hour stretching + foam rolling session. My hamstrings are feeling super tight and my legs felt kinda heavy the first two miles so I decided some good stretching and foam rolling was very necessary. 


Normal pace for me 😉 It was a gorgeous night for a run. Capris and a short sleeved shirt. Ahh I love not having to wear 80 layers to go running. 

So to my title.

When I was at TJs on Saturday I impulsed purchased these:


This bag was $1.99! It was a good snack to munch on the past few days. They have a more crunchy texture like apple chips rather than chewy like a dried fruit. I think these will be on the shopping list again. I really liked them!

So since I was feeling iffy about eggs this week due to the virus (no worries- I will be back in egg action this weekend haha). So I have been having a lot of yogurt and oatmeal. I finally decided to use my $15 blender from Target that I got back in December to make a yummy smoothie!


Recipe: First put in a broken up banana a couple splashes of milk and water and blend. Then add in a greek yogurt (I used my TJs vanilla bean), half a cup of rolled oats, some more water or milk if you need, and some almond butter. Blend all together, store in the fridge over night and voila awesome breakfast. I am having it for the 3rd time tomorrow haha, so good!

Tonight I desperately needed to go buy water bottles since I don’t buy water at TJs so I headed out to Shop Rite. While there I decided to pick up a pint of Arctic Zero. I had this in the Summer, the chocolate flavor and wasn’t 100% in love. You can’t bite into it expecting to be eating Ben & Jerry’s but it’s just a “duller” sweet treat that is like basically drinking water because there are barely any calories in it, you can eat the entire container for 150 calories- crazy! The ingredient list is also small and recognizable which is good too! I’m not into counting calories but I also know that having Ben & Jerry’s in the house can be dangerous for me so why not try a much lighter alternative.

I got the cookies & cream and put it over the rest of my strawberries and it was delish! A nice healthier sweet treat to end the day 🙂






Let me know if you try out the recipe or have any other fun healthy finds! Or Fun Finds in general 🙂


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