A whole week recap!

Wow! Can’t believe it has been a week since I last posted! Work and life has been busy but good!

Let’s begin with Friday night!

After a run and quick stretching/foam rolling I headed into the city for my friend’s birthday dinner. We went to a place called “Rare” in the Shelburne Affina (Spelling?) Hotel. The place had a cool vibe and delicious but pricy food. I hate when sides are extra like french fries. I mean doesn’t every burger need to come with fries?


I got the turkey burger with goat cheese and a horseradish mayo along with sweet potato fries. After that I met up with some girls at a bar for one drink and then headed home for the night. We ended up chatting for a long time over that one drink so I didn’t get home until 1am! 

Next morning after sleeping later than normal I headed for a full morning at the gym. Legs + Core + Shoulders + Stretching/Foam Rolling.


The leg routine really takes quite a long time but it is so worth it in the long run. I felt great after and was so happy to wear shorts!!! 

Yummy refuel…. It’s something about warm weather that makes me crave watermelon! 



After that I headed home for the TJs haul plus food prep.



I decided to make turkey meatballs with quinoa brown rice pasta for a good week of carbo-loading for Brooklyn! It’s not an excessive amount of carbs, just trying to be more carb conscious this week. I found having a good combo of carbs/protein the week before the Women’s half made me feel great for race day. 

After that it was pizza night! I knew that I wanted some good carbs before my long run the next day so we picked up whole wheat dough, mozz, grilled chicken, peppers, tomatoes, and mushrooms from TJs and had a pizza party. Sometimes I would rather have homemade pizza than from a pizza place. 


The next morning I woke up and headed into the city to finally meet up with Jen! (Yay just figured out my first link 😉 ) Jen and I connected through her blog which I found after reading her amazing and inspiring article in Women’s Health. Jen teaches spin in the city so we met up for a 6/7 mile long run in the gorgeous weather then took her awesome spin class! What a workout! I sweat so much and felt the good kind of sore the next few days! We had such a great time and I am so excited to have met a friend with the same interests and someone to go running with!!! 🙂 It was my first time really running with another person and I truly enjoyed it. It made the time go by so fast and it wasn’t hard to talk/run at all. 

After our awesome workout we headed to Tavern 29 for a yummy brunch to refuel:



It was such a fun place, we sat on the rooftop in the beautiful weather! 


A view from that morning 🙂

After brunch I headed to the parents for mother’s day:


Apps: Flaxseed chips with Kale/Spinach/Greek Yogurt dip, persian cucumbers with a wasabi mayo, and caviar. Dinner was a beef roast with asparagus, yorkshire pudding, tomato/cucumber salad. SO good! My dad is a great cook! My sister and her bf were the sous chefs, I was too tired from my fun filled exercise morning haha

After dinner we decided to get fro-yo from cups!



I think I could live on fro-yo for real.

I decided to make Monday a rest day because I had a doctor’s appt and an errand to run and I realized it had been 11 days since my last rest day so it was necessary! 

Tuesday I did a 3ish mile run then headed to the gym for  back + biceps + core + stretching/foam rolling.


After a day of rest I guess I get a lot of energy to get out- 10:12 pace!

Today I headed to the gym and I was exhaustedddd. I didn’t want to be there at first but then after I got going I was good. I did a 10 minute elliptical warm up then legs + core + chest and tris. Gotta be ready for Saturday!

After dinner tonight I made a new smoothie for tomorrow. It’s actually the exact same one as last week except I added strawberries. 😉



Tomorrow I am heading to BK for the expo/pre-party! I think they have some group runs scheduled so I may try and do one! They are going to have a bunch of food trucks too so I think I’ll have dinner there! It will be quite an adventure, I am SO excited. NYRR keeps instrgramming pics from it and it looks like SO much fun. I may need to do a whole post about the expo!

Have a great night friends! I am sure I will be in touch before Saturday!!


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