Brooklyn Half Expo

I had a feeling I was going to need an entire post dedicated to the Brooklyn Half Expo.

I headed into Brooklyn and got there in half an hour. I did not expect it to be that easy. While walking from the subway, I chatted with a girl who was heading to the expo too. I love how many people I have met through running. Now if only I can meet a boyfriend through running… errr 😉 



View on my walk to the Expo.


The gorgeous Brooklyn Bridge. 

NYRR had runs planned every hour which was perfect. I knew I wanted to do two runs this week and since I ran Tuesday, I wanted to get a run in Thursday. So I wore my running gear to the expo. They also explained that they would have a baggage check which made me even more excited to do it. The run I was planning on was at 6pm. I waited around by the Group Run area and chatted with a Triathalon guy while waiting. He was giving me advice about the benefits of using GUs during long runs. He actually scared me a little bit because he said that my body could like eat away at my muscle and bones if I don’t fuel. Ummm…. thanks for the anxiety sir. I do want to try the Salted Caramel GU, so I am going to get some soon and try them out on a Long Run Saturday/Sunday.

Anywayyyy back to the run. So I saw a Team for Kids Coach who was leading the run. But there weren’t any other runners! He said well it’s 6:03- we said 6:00 so let’s go! I couldn’t believe I was about to go on a run with a coach who I didn’t know! I just ran with Jen for my first real run with another person on Sunday. Now I am running with a stranger? No iPod? Just talking? Ya know what? It was awesome!!!

Coach Scott was so nice, I’m sure I went at a very easy pace for him but he was so cool! He gave me a tour of Dumbo and Brooklyn Heights. Such a COOL area. I am absolutely coming back soon for a run and trying out a restaurant there! The run went by so fast, we chatted about running, Brooklyn, and he even gave me a pointer about my arm technique. I keep my arms up too high so he showed me how to lower them and keep my hands opened in a certain way to help pull me forward. 

After our 2.5-3 mile run (I totally forgot to turn my Garmin on!) I did a quick little stretch then headed into the Expo to get my bib/shirt and try the goodies.

I tried some NUUN water, which was delicious. I may get some soon to use before Long Runs too. I tried these yummy chia bars. Looked around at the too expensive running clothes 😉 Tried some very gross Protein Shake at the GNC booth. Any good recommendations friends? I am looking to add a healthy/tasty one to my diet. 

I then stumbled upon a booth called “The Stick.” I walked over and this man working there goes, “You have tight IT Bands.” I was like like “ummmmm excuse me, I do, but how? what? who? why do you know that!!?” 

So he had me use this stick on one side and then walk for a second and see the difference. And I did.

He then told me my shoulder looked tight and rolled that for me. 



Proud new owner of the $37 stick. #runnerproblems

After that I decided to get some food because I needed dinner and to re-fuel from my run! They had a lot of beer/wine but I decided a liquid dinner wouldn’t be a good idea 😉 Haha They also had some awesome food trucks. There was a Mac and Cheese Truck and Grilled Cheese truck- both tempting but sometimes overly cheesy things don’t make my tummy feel so great so I stumbled upon a Lebanese Truck called Toum.


I got the chicken schwarma! It was a marinated chicken over rice/vermicilli noodles, a side of hummus, side of tabouleh, and then they gave you pitas and this garlic dip (which I tasted but knew my stomach wouldn’t handle it). 

Ever had food envy of someone? Well people had food envy of me. Literally people kept walking by saying, that looks so good, oh my god! It was delicious! It was delicious! Perfect amount of carbs/protein for race weekend!

After that I walked around a little more and took more pics:


The stage where they had bands play.


The wine/beer section.


Another view of the Brooklyn Bridge.


The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. 


❤ for NYRR




New love for Brooklyn.


Running Brooklyn Before It Was Cool.


Finally- all my goodies laid out! I like the shirt!!

The expo was SO much fun! I’m really glad I made a night out of it and didn’t just quickly pick up my shirt/bib. It really pumped for tomorrow!

Upcoming: Post on my pre-race day and Brooklyn Half Recap!

Can’t wait!!



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