Brooklyn Half Marathon Recap (pre, during, post race)!

Why am I awake at 6:30 am on Sunday morning after running a half marathon? I’m crazy, weird, and a morning person?

Well now that we got that out of the way 😉 Here is my Pre, During, and Post Recap of the Brooklyn Half! (warning- it’s gonna be a long one!) 

I took a personal day the day before so I could have the day to really prepare and not feel ready for Saturday.

I woke up and began my day with some healthy carbs and protein:


Oatmeal with almond butter and jelly, a hard boiled egg, and a banana. 

Then I headed to the gym for a full leg and core workout. My PT had always said think about that every time you run, you are undoing all this leg work that you just did. So I really try and balance running and my leg work, even though it can be hard to get the WHOLE routine in during the week. Since I had the day, I was able to get the whole leg routine in. (Maybe I should do a fun post all about my leg/core routine?!… 🙂 )

I also made sure to reallllllly stretch, no half assing it and foam roll (and use my new stick at home!) 

After that I had to run a few errands and pick up coconut water to hydrate!


The Health Food Store in Hoboken didn’t have the brand I wanted but the ingredients seemed similar. I like plain, nothing added coconut water. All those well known brands have a weird after taste to me. I reallllly liked this brand. (PS- I limit myself from doing too much walking around that health food store because it’s kind of like Target where I lose all self control and want to buy everything). 

I came home to some awesome mail:



Nice assorted box of Quest Bars. I’m addicted. 



My More/Fitness Marathon Finisher photo!!!! Such a happy and proud moment!!!

After enjoying my mail….

For lunch:


Arugula, carrot, tomato, laughing cow swiss omelette with sweet potato pancakes with melted almond butter on top. These pancakes are probably on the list of food I could eat forever. 

Then I relaxed and iced and made a new playlist for my iPod. My songs were literally making me feel nauseous because I have listened to them way too many times, so I wiped my whole shuffle and added a whole new playlist and even bought some fun uplifting tunes (more on these in a moment…).



with an apple. I know you care about almost everything I ate that day (I am also doing it to kind of track what works/doesn’t work before race day).

Later on was dinner which was the meal I had all week:


My body is used to eating a good amount of veggies so I wasn’t concerned about eating them the night before a race. I know some people worry about bathroom issues, but it’s all what works for your body.

Then I laid out my race clothes and set early alarms.


Then headed to bead around 8 and here is where the trouble began, dun, dun, dun….

I am going to be TMI but this is a food/running/health blog and sometimes we get TMI. 🙂

I felt super acid refluxy (which I do have but since eating healthier this past year it has really gone away). 

It made me nervous and I was having trouble falling asleep because of it so I said why not take the meds my doc prescribes me for acid reflux. Well that was dumb because it was working it’s magic in many ways, and not making me feel much better.

10:00…. tossing, turning

11:00…. googling ways to fall asleep

11:10…. turned on Avatar (it was on, never saw it, looked like a boring movie to sleep to)

11:20… downloaded a sleep music app (this may have been one of the lowest points of my life right there….. hahaha 😉 )\

12:00….pure anger at myself. All these weeks of training and you are ruining it because you are worrying about not getting enough sleep which is making you not fall asleep.

12:10…. Thank god my roomies weren’t home. I got up, made chamomile tea, relocated to my couch (decided I needed new scenery), turned on Wedding Crashers, and by 12:30 was out. 

About 3 and half hours later my alarm woke me up.


But I got up and decided that I was probably not going to have the best race but I was just going to deal with it.

So I showered, had my coffee and quest bar and stumbled upon an article in my Runner’s World article that said most Olympic athletes don’t sleep the night before a race. It’s the night before the night before that matters. HOLLLLLAAAA, that changed my motivation around!!!

I got dressed, took a selfie and headed to the train:



I’m going to make leg selfies a thing. 

The best part about my commute was that it was as crowded as if it were 6pm rush hour in Manhattan. Except we were all a bunch of crazy people up at the crack of dawn to run 13.1 miles.


I got to Brooklyn where all the Wave 1 runners were running around like mad people trying to get to their corrals. I headed to my corral and did dynamic stretching and decided to eat a Kind bar that I brought. (so glad I did this because I was getting hungry).

Wave 2 started at 7:45 but I don’t think I got to the start until about 8.

And we were off!

The run through Prospect Park was good. Only a couple of hills but it was fine. I was focusing A LOT on my form and 

At mile 5 was where I had my first gatorade and planned to continue it for the rest of the race.

At around mile 7ish where you left the park, I knew this was where it was time to start racing. That’s what everyone said, take your time in the park and then you can pick up the pace once you leave the park because it is straight to Coney Island.

Well Nicki Minaj’s Moment for Life came on and it was so inspiring. Literally as she is singing I wish that I could have this moment for life cuz’ in this moment I just feel so alive, I got a little teary eyed, had a HUGE smile on my face and I shouted here we goooooo!!!! (This was my fastest mile of the race at 9:44)

I raced. It felt amazing. There were a few other inspirational songs Am I Wrong by Nico and Vinz and Follow Your Arrow by Kacey Musgraves. I replayed these a few times and they really got me going.

The only thing I wished the race had more was more spectators. At some parts it was quite dead so my music was really necessary to keep me going.

Towards the end of the race I saw Coach Scott from the Pre-Party and I screamed, “Scott!! I am remembering my arm/hand form!!!”

Then I saw the board walk. I looked down at my watch and knew that I was going to PR so I ran!!!!! I turned off my music and enjoyed the crowds and looked for my family. I didn’t see them but they did see me at least!!

As I was about to cross the finish line Lil Jon’s Turn Down for What came on, and I gunned it!

Finished in 2:14:43!!! Average pace of 10:30!





What an amazing feeling!!! The best part is….. I have that itch to do another one again soon! We runners are crazy people!

After my family got their Corn Dogs at Nathan’s (I’m not a hot dog person and the thought of eating one after a race was not on my agenda) we headed to brunch in Cobble Hill at a place called Bar Tabac.

It was a french place with a french waitress and when I asked for Chocolate Milk (I always want chocolate milk after a long run) she came with a hot chocolate. So I sent it back trying to explain Chocolate Milk and I got this….Image

Decided not to push the issue any further haha.


Love this pic of me and my sister! 


Eggs Florentine. For apps calamari and shrimp with avocado.

We then headed back home and later on I was starving for dinner!


had to take a selfie in my BK shirt before going


My mom and I each got one- it’s an awesome salad pizza and we got grilled chicken on it too for some protein. Look at all the delicious avocado slices too. mmmmm. After the 3rd slice my mom was like wow I am so full I can’t finish this. And I was all like, I think I am finishing this. And I did. And I enjoyed every. single. bite. Isn’t that why we run? So we can eat an entire pizza? 😉

So that is my Pre, During, Post Race Recap.

I am SO happy! It was a great race and a great day! I feel sore today but a good sore, not a real pain. 

Congrats to all who ran the BK Half!!! 




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