Happy Belated National Running Day!

First and foremost (sorry for being late to the game):


loving this new app “Pic Lab”

Hope you all had a great week, the school year is winding down so I am feeling the stress and crazy amount of work right now, hence why I didn’t get to blog this week, hence why I can barely keep my eyes open on this gorgeous Friday night. 



This felt SO good after a long run. I am going to try and keep this in my weekly workout rotation.

After that:


Kale, eggs, raisins, and avocado- sounds weird but SO good plus a sweet potato with coconut peanut butter.

Followed by fun at the Yankee Game:




Followed by a smoothie from a new place that opened in Hoboken- Cafe Bene, on the walk back from the path:




I don’t understand how sometimes I run fast and sometimes I run slow? Working on a 10k PR for the two I have coming up this month I guess 😉 

Oooh a fun surprise in the mail:


I love this motto! Only $22 on the Brooks website! 


Rest Day, Gave a presentation at work, got home at 10pm- exhaustinggg


National Running Day!!

I headed into Brooklyn after work to get a bandana and run by the Brooklyn Bridge followed by a fun NYRR sponsored Happy Hour at Fiornios. I went by myself but had a blast! I ran 6 miles before the HH then went. I met a bunch of awesome runners and enjoyed a splash of vino and pizza as we saw the gorgeous views in the gorgeous weather. It was such an awesome time, I hope NYRR plans some more Happy Hours! 



Loveee the cool shirt they gave out! 



There I am in the background of the NYRR instagram pic!


Empire State Building all pretty! 

On my walk home at like 10pm (another late night for me) I was craving fro-yo, so obviously I had to answer the craving especially on National Running Day:




Overnight oats with chia seeds mixed in. My new thing is, since I can’t decide if I want almond butter or coconut peanut butter, why not cut the banana in half and have the best of both worlds!


Later, after work, I took a “Burn” class at the gym. Holy soreness today, especially in my lower back. The woman made us do 80 burpees throughout the whole class with weights as we pushed up.



Breakfast Smoothie: 1 Fage Greek Yogurt (I think I’m going to start having these because there is less sugar and more protein than the TJs brand), strawberries, one banana, almond butter, 1/2 cup rolled oats, a little water, and chia seeds:


Class Poetry Slam Celebration- haha I just had to share my set-up 😉 I made a watermelon/pineapple fruit salad and bought mini muffins for everyone to enjoy!



Took a pic of my outfit before I changed in my gym class because everyone loved my dress:




Followed by Leg, Back, Bicep, Shoulder, & Core work at the gym:



I wasn’t in the mood to be in the weight room area with all the boys. Some days it’s just annoying- so I went in the empty studio and made my own bench! 


True Life: I write a fitness and food blog so all I do is take pictures of my food and even the weights I use. 😉 

Dinner tonight/this week:



As you can see, it was a packed, non-stop week! I am literally struggling to keep my eyes open. I hope this post even makes sense! 😉  I think my bed is calling my name. I am still sore from that Burn class but I’m still planning on Long Run Saturday! I literally wake up excited Saturday morning for it, maybe the run will help shake out these sore muscles! 

Have a great night readers! I am sure I will check in over the weekend! 


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