Sunday Meal Prep Explained!

Wow! 3rd post in 3 days! I am trying here! Before I get to my title, here are some pics from last night/this morning:


Delicious take-out a BIG salad with a sherry vinegrette (so good) and a Tuna, Romaine, Tomato, Avocado, Swiss Whole Wheat Wrap- one of my fav places to order from in Hoboken: Mr. Wraps.

After that I met up with some friends at an outdoor bar on the water by the Statue of Liberty:




I totally rocked kicks with a dress haha


Compression socks, ice, coffee, and some blog reading this morning. My ankle has been irritating me so I’ve been icing and elevating it!

Then I went to Yoga. It feels SOOOO good after a long week of weight lifting and running. My body literally craves the stretching. I need to keep up with it!



Followed by a delicious smoothie:



How I Meal Prep:

As I began to work on getting healthier I found that taking the time once a week to plan my meals was the best thing that worked for me. I don’t feel like I have to scramble at the last minute for dinner or eat hummus and pita chips for lunch (yes I did that a lot last year). I have my staples for breakfast and lunch and then switch up my meal for dinner every week. I usually just think about what protein I want, then think of a good veggie combo, some sort of seasoning/sauce, and a carb. I use Olive Oil when cooking so I don’t really worry about getting a fat in because it is used in so many ways.

Next Step: Trader Joe’s Haul



I typically spend between $50- $65 a week on groceries. Sometimes it’s more due to needing something like Almond Butter or Nuts or something that normally lasts me awhile.

After the haul, I get right to work! I usually get my veggie sides chopped and in the oven for roasting. This week I did an eggplant and squash but sometimes I do brussel sprouts.



Then I get to work on my butternut squash which I eat for breakfast along with hard boiled eggs and a banana with nut butter.




Then I poke holes in my sweet potatoes and get them in the microwave. I eat these along with my salad at lunch. I usually have to keep microwaving, cut them open, see how they are doing. It depends on how big they are but in total probably takes 15-20 minutes of microwaving.


Then I get to work on the Main Dish. This week I bought this awesome TJs chicken breasts for about $5. It’s such a good deal. I decided to mix in sugar snap peas, frozen broccoli, and mandarin oranges, along with this really good TJs sauce. I made Brown Rice Quinoa Pasta as my carb this week because I have a race on Saturday so I like to have it the week of the race.






Voila! 5 meals for the week! Healthy veggies, protein and carbs for the win!


I really feel like meal prepping has been a huge time and money saver plus I feel so much better now! I used to heat up chicken nuggets and grab a bowl of cereal, and if that is your thing, good! I just feel better when I eat well balanced meals (ALL the food groups 😉 ) and when I am prepared! It has been a huge part of my happier and healthier lifestyle! 😉

Do you meal prep?

Any other good tips for meal prepping?

What are some of your favorite meals to make?


3 thoughts on “Sunday Meal Prep Explained!

  1. Yummy! I like to eat all of that stuff and my grocery list looks very similar. I go through phases where I’m really good about shopping on Sunday and meal prepping for the week, then all of a sudden it seems overwhelming and stresses me out and I revert to taking it one day at a time, ha ha. I don’t make bad choices when I do that, it’s just more like I don’t get enough veggies, spend too much money, etc. I know prepping for the whole week is the best way to go and just need to figure out how to not go through food slumps/funks.

    1. I hear ya! Especially when I have a crazy busy weekend, I get stressed that I won’t fit it in! I try hard to find the time because I just think about how less stressful the week will be. But if it doesn’t happen- yupp less veggies and more money spent- boooo! 🙂

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