Training for Life

Happy Hump Day Readers!

I hope you all enjoyed my Sunday Meal Prep explained! I am so excited that I have more readers/followers ever since I changed my blog name! I truly am enjoying documenting my journey, I hope you all are enjoying as well! 

So after allll that meal prep (I always do it at my parent’s house) my dad asked me to cook this recipe that he found:


Ingredients: Shredded Zucchini, Lemon Zest, a little fresh mint and parsley, ricotta cheese, 3 gloves of garlic, and fettuchini 


Turned out delicious if I do say so myself 😉


Core, Chest, Tris and an awesome spin class






Awful 3 mile run 😦 I knew before I started it just wasn’t going to be my day. It was hot and humid and my ankle did not feel right. When I got home it was kinda swollen 😦 My plan is to not run all week and hopefully be okay for the Oakley Mini 10k Saturday. If I don’t feel good after the race, I’m gonna take the week off of running to hopefully be ok for the Queens 10k, then head back to the Sports Medicine Doc. I’m wondering if it’s just that I have been increasing my speed and my body isn’t liking it. The first two miles of that run I was at like 9:30-9:40. I just hope it’s nothing. Fingers crossed. 

After the run my fam and I headed out to celebrate my sister being hired full time at her job! 


This is the BEST sushi place ever. Like I literally have never had better sushi.

Followed by fro-yo!!


Wednesday (Today)

I headed to the gym and was in such a blah mood. I am bummed that my ankle isn’t so fabulous and this gloomy weather doesn’t help either, so I decided to do my 20 minute HIIT elliptical workout just to get the endorphins going to feel happier.

Then I decided to switch up some of my workout (after doing some instagram stalking) and make some of my core/leg work a little more challenging. I think that I have been in a little rut doing the same workouts and I’m sure they aren’t doing much for me anymore (hence, another reason why my ankle could be hurting- maybe my core work needs to be lifted). I am going to try and do more research and change up all my routines. I think it will not only be good for me physically but mentally. Change is a good thing!


(Made on Please note- I am not a certified personal trainer, this is a workout I planned myself through my own research, always contact your physician before starting a workout routine)

I also did my Back and Biceps routine- probably my fav of all weight lifting days! 

While I was working (and sweating) a trainer came up to me and asked what I was training for, and I realized “life.” This isn’t just for a race, for a PR, for weight loss. This is part of me. I will change it up. I will try new things. I will push myself. Because this is part of my life and it felt good to sweat and work hard. Not for anything, just for me. 



Will keep you posted on my ankle/Oakley Mini 10k!



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