Oakley Mini 10k Race Recap!

I hope you all are enjoying this gorgeous weekend! I am so happy to see the sun again. A week without sun = depressing.

This week has been all about HIIT/Strength Training because I took it easy on the running because of my ankle.

Thursday: 20 minute HIIT on the elliptical, some core, and Burn class at the gym. This class is awesome! It reminds me of body pump a little and the woman who teaches it switches up the workout each week so it’s always different!



On Friday the gym by work has no classes so I decided to bring equipment in the studio and have some fun! I did most of my core/leg exercises but I decided to do one set each time and then do the whole circuit 3 times. It felt so much less boring because I was quickly going through the exercises! I also did some Shoulders, Stretching and hurts so good foam rolling.

Saturday: Oakley Mini 10K

I wasn’t overly excited/nervous about this race. I was seeing a lot of hype on instagram but I felt pretty relaxed about it. I planned to get the 5:52am Path train to give myself enough time to get my bib and check a bag (since I was getting my shirt, etc. I decided I would have to check a bag.) Well guess which train didn’t show?! The 5:52am, I was pissed! The 6:12am came so I hopped on with a bunch of other runners. I found a girl who looked like she needed to get her bib, etc. and decided to travel with her! (I love how friendly runners are!)


Waiting for the train picture.

We made it there around 7ish, so we had enough time to get our bibs & shirts and check our bags. After that I ate a granola bar and got to bathroom before heading to my corral. I liked having the granola bar plus my Quest Bar/Apple/Coffee that I had before I left. It was just a little boost of carb that I needed. I did that for Brooklyn, so I decided to do it for this race.


I loooove that the shirt is a tank!!

The cool thing about this race is you run part of it in on the actual street, on Central Park West.




Pics from my corral. 

The first three miles, my ankle was bothering me but I just kept on trucking. The other cool thing about this race is you go the opposite way that most of the races go. So you go down Harlem Hill rather than up it. But don’t worry- there were still hills!

I could feel myself really pushing it and at mile 4 I looked at my watch and realized I was making good time! So I just kept on going. I said my mantra hills make us stronger up every hill and rocked it out to You Better Work B*tch by Britney to finish off the race!

Official Time: 1:01:42 (my PR is 1:01:28) so pretty close!! Pace: 9:57 per mile! I was a speedy gonalez today! 😉

Image Image

Negative splits except for Mile 4! Woot! 


Post-race pic!

Image Image

They gave out carnations with the gorgeous medal!

And they even had pink bagels:


After that I walked over by the After Race Party and snapped a pic with Karena and Katrina from Bravo’s Tone it Up:


I’m a Bravoholic so this was kind of a big deal for me!

Then I headed back home to cook up some post-race noms:


3 eggs scrambled, sauteed squash, a sweet potato with coconut peanut butter and a side of watermelon! Delicious!

After showering and doing some bills I decided to walk around Hoboken to buy a few b-day gifts, end of year gifts, etc. I ended up walking all the way uptown to get some fro-yo at 16 Handles and sit by the water:


That view will never get old.


Saw this sign on my shopping trip, it made me giggle! 

After a ton of walking around town I am now relaxing with the legs up! My ankle actually feels fine, I am just bi-laterally sore, which is always a good thing. Looking forward to Yoga tomorrow morning to stretch it all out!

Tonight I am headed out to enjoy Hoboken with some of my girlfriends, something I haven’t done in awhile, I am looking forward to it!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Where did you run this weekend?

What is your favorite cardio when you can’t run?









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