Time for a Rest Day

Happy Hump Day friends! I have 7 days left of school then summer break begins! It is feeling like an eternity but we will get there.

Saturday Night



Had to take an outfit pic. I can’t believe I made it out after the Oakley 10k, but I did (for a little) 😉 I feel so proud and happy for how much I have transformed outside and in! I also like seeing the positives and not the negative like I used to in the past. It feels so great! 


After a race/long run Yoga is a fabulous way to stretch it alllll out. I can’t make it the next two weekends and I am bummed! I am so happy that they have this 9:30am Sunday class, it’s a perfect time and it’s just what I need.



That blue nail polish has been on way too long- mani/pedi needed very soon!

Followed by a smoothie:


After that I headed home for some meal prep and to celebrate Father’s Day!

Meal this week features these Parisian Carrots I found in the frozen section at TJs. They are cute and round and taste like carrots!



Quinoa, ground turkey, yellow squash, parisian carrots, 5 laughing cow swiss cheese wedges, cinnamon, nutmeg, salt and pepper. 

Also prepped the usual roasted veggies, sweet potatoes, eggs, and butternut squash. 

Father’s Day treats:


Apps- veggies & spin dip, brie and rosemary & raisin crackers

Din- Grilled steak with Sweet Baby Rays, Corn on the cob, and grilled sweet potato

Dessert- Angel food cake, mango sorbet, and chocolate chips

Such a delicious and wholesome meal!!




This was SO good. I had a very ripe banana so I mixed it with 1/2 cup rolled oats, Fage Greek Yogurt, some milk, coconut peanut butter and chia seeds for a delicious overnight oats! I really feel more satisfied with the Fage Greek Yogurt and I am glad to not be having all that sugar like I was with the TJs greek yogurt. 

It was field day so I sported my Run Happy Shirt



Headed to the gym after for back & biceps, core and spin class! I am SO happy I have learned to love Spin, it is such an amazing workout!

Dinner this week on my plate:




ALL the fruits & veggies for Fruit & Veggie Day at work:


4 mile hot & sweaty run + core sporting my Oakley Mini 10k tank!



Ankle did not feel too hot again. So no more running until Queens 10k and time to make a call to the doc. Hoping it is nothing serious but there is a bump on my ankle (more after running) and I think it’s time to get it checked out. Praying it is nothing and I can continue running! 

After that it was a perfect and necessary night for Fro-yo. Everyone was out getting ice cream all over Hoboken:


With a beautiful view:



We celebrated summer birthdays (mine) 😉 so we ordered lunch:



Salad with grilled chicken, mozz/pesto, grilled eggplant, roasted peppers, and portobello mushrooms with a very thick and yummy balsamic dressing. 

Then I headed to the gym for Core, Legs, and Shoulders. I forgot my iPod so I’m not sure it was that but I just felt weird the whole time. Sort of lack of energy, sort of tired, sort of dizzy. It just wasn’t the best day at the gym. I realized that I haven’t taken a true rest day in over two weeks. I have been saying “yoga” is my rest day, but I mean that is a form of exercise, not intensive but it is exercise. So tomorrow it is. I hate rest days but even right now I don’t feel 100% and it could be my body asking me for rest. I know it sounds silly to say I hate rest days but I just really enjoying going for a run, taking a class, or lifting! I do think that you have to find an enjoyment and passion for working out to keep you motivated and getting to that point where rest days aren’t fun. Everyone can find some sort of activity that they can enjoy, you just gotta try different things! However, rest days are and should be part of the plan otherwise we can burn out. So tomorrow: REST! I do have a kickball game but my inner high schooler comes out and I don’t do much participation so it doesn’t count as any exercise.

How often do you have rest days?

Clearly need to be better about once a week.

Do you put them in your plan or go how you feel?

I have been going off of feel but I would like to try and plan more. 

Random Question: What kind of protein powder do you use if any? I haven’t tried it, but I am looking to incorporating it into my before/after workout snacks?




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