Uptown Girl

Happy First Day of Summer!


Much needed rest day! 



Delicious banana, chia, coconut peanut butter overnight oats.

Make your own fruit salad party at work:


I ate ALL the fruit 😉 about 3 plates full

Then after school I headed to the city for a body pump class! My body felt so great, that showed me how important that rest day was. 

I had about 20 minutes to kill before the class so I tried this elliptical that is supposed to mimic running:


It was pretty cool and I worked up a sweat.

Body Pump was awesome! I loved the instructor, she teaches spin right after so I may have to try both out for a fun- sweaty Friday night!

I then picked up some food a this place called Fresh U. They have these power plates and it was delicious!


Steamed Veggies on the side. Power Plate- brown rice, chicken with a mexican sauce, beans, pico de gallo and guac. Soooo good, I am def going to order this again.

After that I headed out with some friends to the pier and a rooftop bar. I chose to drink water and it wasn’t a big deal. People don’t really care, sometimes they say oh you’re not drinking, but that’s about it. I just don’t like how I feel from drinking but it doesn’t mean I can’t go to a bar and enjoy the company I am with. You don’t need a drink to have a great time. I was glad I went out and enjoyed the gorgeous night!


I got to bed around midnight and was hoping to sleep until 8, but my body decided it liked 5:30. Ugh- I kinda tossed and turned until 6:45 and decided to bite the bullet and get up and have coffee, an apple, and a quest bar. Then I headed to a NYSC on the Upper East Side (hence title- Uptown Girl). This place was HUGE! It was crazy!

I started off with a fun Bosu Ball Work Out. Then I decided to take a Spin Class. The guy was apparently a sub but he was fun! He played fun oldies tunes and I got a sweattttyyyy workout. The one thing I didn’t love is he made us do a 7 minute ride at 2 and he got off the bike and just danced. It was kind of weird, I mean I know he was having fun, but it was actually a little less motivating? Like how fast should I be going, this is tough and you can’t even do it? Maybe he wasn’t feeling well so I get it, but I donno it just seemed a little odd?

I then finished up with a little more core work, stretching and foam rolling. 

I have been working on trying different fueling options. After the class I ate a banana then after stretching I ate a hard boiled egg and some almonds. I like having protein after a workout, that is why I think it is time to invest in some protein powder. 

Then I headed over to the NYRR office to pick up my bib & shirt for the Queens 10k tomorrow. I am looking forward to it! I hope my ankle is ok- I haven’t ran since Tuesday so I think it will be ok. I made an appt for the doc next Thursday, blah!


When I came home I made this yummy everything but the kitchen sink scramble: arugula, carrots, tomato, chick peas, and avocado. So good with a side of strawberries and a sweet potato with almond butter. Yum!

I think I may go lay out by the pier for a little and maybe even doze off, I am so tired from waking up so early. 

Next update: Queens 10k!

Enjoy this gorgeous day! 



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