Queens 10k Recap!

Happy Sunday! I promised a Queens 10k update so here we go, two blogging days in a row!


After picking up my bib and shirt I enjoyed the gorgeous weather and took a nice nap out by the pier! 

Then headed into the city for a little for a friend’s birthday at a very yummy cuban place. 


Salad with a pear vinegrette, goat cheese, and grilled chicken and of course a side of sweet plaintains (when in a Cuban restaurant…). 

I then booked it home as soon as I finished eating because I knew I needed to be in bed. Only had about 5 hours of sleep but it was fine.


All prepared the night before 🙂


Selfie before heading out the door. I NEED to buy some summer running/workout clothes. I have worn this outfit to races way too many times haha


I ended up traveling to Queens with a girl I met last week at the Oakley 10k and we had another girl join us as well. That is what I love about races the people are so friendly and we are all in it together! We took some pics before the race which was good to kill some time!

When I started off the first mile I was like wow I am definitely going slow and I was beating myself up for not getting much sleep. My breathing did feel heavy which I know is a sign I am running fast but I was convinced I was just tired. My ankle felt a tiny bit funny but was good for the rest of the race. By mile 2/3 I found a good groove where I felt my booty and quads really working! I loveeee when I get in that groove. I think a big part of that was the race was SO flat, ladies and gents we are not in Central Park anymore 😉

I loved seeing Citi Field and who knew there is even a Queens Museum! I really liked getting a nice 6 mile taste of Queens.

Oh and did I mention… I PRed!!!!!! 59:24!!! Under an hour baby!!!!



Take a look at these splits:


Almost negative except for mile 4 by a second!! 

So freaking happy!

After scarfing down a banana and bagel I met up with the lovely Jen and met her super nice bf John, who took this really great photo of us! I cannot wait for joining her on long runs this summer!!



I love medals!

I then headed to the parents for the Sunday TJs haul, laundry and meal prep!

The weekly meal: Healthier Nachos- Homemade sweet potato chips, then shredded chicken mixed with TJs cowboy caviar and I added a can of corn and a can of diced tomatoes. I bought an extra avocado and I will put some Greek yogurt on it for yummy and healthy nachos! I got the idea from Hungry Runner Girl and Nut Butter Runner!








I also prepped: eggs, sweet potatoes (for lunch), roasted eggplant and brussel sprouts, & sauteed butternut squash. Lots of yummy veggies and healthy goodness!! Healthy eating can be delicious eating!

I am literally trying very hard to keep my eyes open! This weekend did not have a lot of sleep, looking forward to my bed tonight! 

Enjoy the rest of your night everyone! 



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