Running Coach and Weekly Update!

I want to say Happy Hump Day because my “work week” started on Sunday, so I am all confused about what day it is!

Anyway… since we last left off I mentioned my excitement to begin working with a running coach. I met him while volunteering (and freezing our booties off) at the NYC Half. We finally got in touch with each other and met up in Central Park on Saturday morning. 

It was such an educational experience. I learned from him about my marathon pace, easy pace (muchhhh slower than I have been running), threshold, interval and repetition pace. We also talked nutrition and much more. We did some work seeing what each pace felt like and talked about how to incorporate this work in my weekly runs. He is going to set up a more specific plan for me to follow, until then I have been taking everything he said to good use! The good news is that he said I run well and that my form is pretty good. I think all that compartment syndrome pain is from over use of running too fast each time. 

We ran about 4 miles together then I decided to do a loop and a little more of Central Park totaling my Saturday at 11 miles. Image

(PS how exciting is my new outfit 😉 ) It was such a beautiful morning to run!


Post run noms. Food 🙂 

Since I knew I had to start my “work week” on Sunday I headed home for some meal prep and laundry! 


I was kind of uninspired this week however it really is a very delicious & simple meal. Chicken, peppers, broccoli, onion, quinoa, mandarin oranges all mixed up the the TJs Island Soyaki sauce. Plus my roasted veggies, boiled eggs, butternut squash, and sweet potatoes. 

I then got a SUPER necessary mani/pedi to cover up my black toe nails. #runnerproblems


After that my momma and I went to out for dinner together at Houlihans. (You know you are officially a blogger when you feel the need to document all your meals haha)



I got the Vegetarian Sandwich with grilled chicken because who wouldn’t want protein on a sandwich 😉 with some sweet potato fries on the side (always necessary after a long run day). 

Sunday was the first day of my workshop aka my “work week” hence why my days are so off!

Take a look at this awesome swag bag:


I have been having a really great week at the workshop. Doing a lot of reflecting as a teacher, a reader, a writer, a thinker, a learner and even a runner. I have some more thoughts brewing that I need to work out and would like to write post on what I have been working out in my head from all the great conversation and thinking that has gone on this week. 

After the workshop I navigated my way back to Hoboken through all the people having a grand old time celebrating pride while I’m all like, wait I’m confused isn’t it Monday? 

I did an easy paced one mile recovery run up to the gym and then did bis, tris, back, core, and some leg work. This was my first time running back to back in a looooong time but now that I have a better understanding about the importance of pacing, my legs had no real problem with any of it! 

Monday I headed to the gym right after my workshop and did a 5 minute bike warm up followed by chest & shoulders plus core and some squats with a 30lb. barbell (similar to what we do in body pump) and leg work. 

Today after my workshop I headed to the running store on my way home to get some Nuun. I tried it at the Brooklyn Half expo and knew I wanted to get the watermelon flavor. My running coach mentioned the importance of fueling your body with electrolytes and I knew with the heat and my plan for speed work, I was going to need some!


I really felt like this kept me hydrated and helped me continue running even with the heat. 


I ran about 2 miles as a warm up to the track at an easy pace. Then when I got to the track I did 5 x 3 minute tempo runs, with 60 second recovery paced in between. I only stopped at the end of my 4th set to get some more Nuun water but other than that I felt strong and able to run at that pace. My joints and whole body LOVED running on a track. Who can we speak to about making all sidewalks out of track material? After that I headed home for a 2 mile recovery cool down run. 

I have always heard about “speed work” but never really understood it. It was so much fun! Something different to do while pushing myself at the same time. I am going to use this training to prepare me for the Bronx 10 miler and hopefully when the sign up is ready the Staten Island Half.

Well that is a nice recap of what has been going on in my world. As I said I have some blogging thoughts and will work on sorting out all my thinking this week soon!

What are some speed workouts that you do? 

Have you ever tried Nuun, any other flavor recommendations?  



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