Fourth of July and Birthday Weekend Update! (lots of pics)

Hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July! We will get back to our regularly scheduled programming of health, fitness and food! Hope the change in my thoughts and reading and writing was a fun and random change!

Wednesday was Body Pump in Rockefeller Center with my fav instructor! I was nervous about rocking booty shorts but I did it and it felt great showing off my hard work 😉

photo 4

She did the new Body Pump 90 (I guess it’s a new routine) and it was awesome!

photo 2

Really liked this NYSC!

photo 1-1

Fun sighting in Rockefeller Center!

Dinner this week:

photo 1

Thursday I went on a hot and sticky tech free run! I decided I didn’t need my garmin or music and I was going to run at my easy pace based on how my body felt. I’m sure I did about 4 miles because I know the routes that I take through Hoboken, but it felt great just to get out there and run.



Later on I did some baking to bring over my friend’s house the next day. I used my Cupcake Recipe Book and substituted the flour for whole wheat flour and the sugar with coconut sugar. They tasted great! Not too sweet and almost muffin like consistency.

photo 1-1

Rocking my baking apron 😉


My new mixing bowls that I bought at Shop Rite.

I also found whipped icing that seemed to be the best choice.



Only 13 g of sugar at 100 calories for 2 tbsp. It’s great because you can just use food coloring to change the color of the icing.


Before 🙂

photo 2


photo 3

Ta-da! 🙂

PS- I totally only made a dozen because they are hard to make! I had to use my electric hand mixer (from my baking basket) and it was tough!

Friday the 4th we woke up to gloomy day. I had already planned it as a rest day and decided to make the most of it. My friend and I had coffee and walked around Hoboken until the rain came.

Look what is coming to Hoboken:


Bareburger! So excited!

After that we headed to our friend’s house for some apps and burgers on the stove to make the gloomy day somewhat festive:



I rocked Ralph Lauren on top and Tommy Hilfiger on the bottom, could I get anymore American? Haha

The next morning I woke up and headed into Central Park to meet up with Jen for a Birthday Long Run!



The time literally flies by with her! We just run and talk and have an awesome time! Looking forward to continue to join her on long runs as she trains for the NYC Marathon!!

Post Run Birthday Breakfast:


Sweet Potato Pancakes (with nut butters) and a broccoli and cheese omelette.

Later on I headed back into the city to celebrate with all my friends at the Boat Basin!


Miami Vices in reverse!

I had two and half drinks the whole night, very different from past birthdays. I still woke up feeling pretty gross but I just am so happy that I don’t need alcohol to enjoy a birthday (or any occasion for that matter). I am not going to say I will never drink again, just a lot less and in moderation!



Me and my sister. Dress is from Dear Hannah in Hoboken.

This morning like I said I woke up kinda headachey but I decided to head to yoga anyway!


I hadn’t gone in about 2 weeks so this felt SO necessary. I really feel like it gets a good stretch in all my muscles after all the running/lifting that I put my body through.

Post yoga snacking:


After that my parents came into Hoboken and we went out to celebrate my birthday! I had a $50 gift card to so we picked Havana Cafe which was on the list of places we could pick from.




Cuban Iced Coffee.



We shared empanadas and yuca fries with this yummy garlic dipping sauce! So good!


Omelette with spinach, tomato and manchego cheese with Cuban home fries and Cuban toast.


Of course a side of sweet plantains!

It was a great meal!! Afterwards we headed by the water to take in the view take some pics:



Dress: J. Crew Shoes: Burberry 😉

I then headed up to my parents to lay by the pool!

After that we picked up a light dinner filled with veggies since we feasted at lunch!

photo 1-1

We went to this awesome market by them that has some unique finds and yummy prepared food. We got a salad, grilled veggies, asparagus, and tilapia. While I was there I found these on sale for $2.99 a jar!

photo 2

I always see these and they are usually pretty pricey so I couldn’t pass up the price. I have never tried either flavor, Cinnamon Raisin Swirl and The Bee’s Knees which has honey, but I cannot wait to dig into these jars! Will let you know how they taste!

Phew! What a post! All in all I had an amazing birthday weekend. I was able to spend time with all my friends and family, celebrated with a run, and enjoyed great food!

Looking forward to being on my “summer schedule” for the next few weeks which will include switching my workouts to the morning! However I want to do some fun summer night runs along the water.

This summer has started off awesome! Looking forward to all that is to come!





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