I am a Sweat Pink Ambassador!

Hello friends!

Before I get to my eats/workouts updates let’s chat about my title! I read so many amazing fitness/running/healthy eating blogs and I noticed that many of the blogs I read the girls are Sweat Pink Ambassadors. I decided to check out their website and I loved their message. Promoting a positive and healthy attitude toward living a healthier and happier lifestyle through fitness! That is what I am all about so I decided to apply a few weeks ago. I hadn’t heard back so I figured that I didn’t get in but woke up to the surprising email! I am so excited! I have my “badge” on the side of my blog- click on it to find more about their site and their message! They have some awesome opportunities to try out various exercise classes so I am hoping to get more involved soon!

Now to my update!


I woke up nice and early because I knew I had things to get done for the rest of the day. I have been starting my day with coffee, a quest bar, and an apple and then have been eating my regular breakfast after the gym. It is weird but good to switch up my routine a bit! I can get very regimented at times and I think having the summer to shake things up is good for my mind, body and soul. 🙂

I headed to the gym for a nice leg day  plus a few of my own leg day exercises that I keep up with for running along with core work and some stretching. I had decided to go to the uptown gym just for a change of scenery. It is so much nicer than the downtown one so while I have the time this summer I plan on going there more when I can. It is about a half an hour walk so I decided to bring my breakfast with me so I could eat it by the water afterwards instead of having to walk so far and then eat lol. Girls gotta refuel after a long workout!!

photo 1

I took a gym selfie because I wanted to show those booty shorts again haha I still feel a tiny bit self conscious when I first put them on but then, I’m like girlllll stop it, you work hard! 🙂 That was my view as I ate my breakfast. I have always been a summer girl but running has made me an outdoor girl. I hate being inside especially with summer weather so I will do anything to be outside and if that means eating breakfast with a pretty view then sign me up!

Oh- and those overnight oats were amazing!

Recipe: half cup rolled oats, about a tablespoon of chia seeds, a handful (or little less) of raisins, and then drop little bits of the amazing-can’t-stop-eating-jar-will-be-done-soon Cinnamon Raisin Peanut butter all over the rolled oats. I am a big eyeballer when it comes to most cooking (except baking) but I just put little drops all around so when you add in a serving size of Fage greek yogurt and a splash of milk all the peanut butter is spread throughout your overnight oats. Mix it all together then stick in the fridge overnight. It was SO delicious and if you use the Fage greek yogurt you have 20 g of protein in them! Not a bad deal!

After that I headed up to my parents to lounge by the pool before going to tutor!

Oh and my friend got me this adorable water mug for hot or cold drinks so I decided to put some strawberries in my water and oh my goodness I am so happy I did that!

photo 2

It reminded me of the amazing vacation I took with my sister to Miami when we stayed at the Fontainebleau (when I thought I was a baller and spent my money left & right while living at home 😉 ). They had all these water jugs by the pool and on the beach and they had different fruits infused like coconut or strawberries or oranges, even the gym had water with cucumber. Ahhh take me back to that vacation pleaseeee. 

Later on after dinner I got that sweet tooth craving so I decided to have some dates but didn’t have any coconut butter left (I had only bought a little package just to see if I liked it) however I had some coconut flakes left from baking so I decided to put them on it and it was great! (Not as amazing as dates with coconut butter- not coconut peanut butter- big difference) But it did the trick:

photo 3


I decided to wake up without an alarm. I slept until about 7:30 which was pretty good for me. I then woke up had my pre-workout breakfast and coff then headed out the door for a run. The weather was great, not too hot, and a really nice breeze. I think I ran 3-4 miles at my easy pace, my Garmin was not working though! The time was going but it stopped counting the mileage at 0.06. I hope it’s not broken, I just got it in October so I will be super bummed if that is the case. My ankle bothered me a tiny bit, I could have been going a little too fast or it was just irritated from speed work on Tuesday. I just gotta watch my form and pace.

I then headed to the Gym following my run for stretching and core work then back day . It’s so funny all this “body building stuff” started for me in January literally just to build my core and muscle because my Physical Therapist told me I wouldn’t be able to run if I didn’t build my core. I did it for running but didn’t know I would actually truly enjoy lifting weights. I like seeing my progress in how much heavier of weights I can lift and I do see a huge difference in my body because of it. I never had any intention of finding another sport (yes I think weight lifting is a sport 🙂 ) to enjoy but I really really do love it!

After the gym I came home ate breakfast and did some things around the apartment.

Some nut butter “porn” 😉

photo 4

Almond butter and cinnamon raisin peanut butter (let’s see how many times I will mention this stuff in a week).

It was kind of cloudy this morning but then after noon time the sun started to shine through  so I decided to pack up my lunch and head to the pier for some sun and reading!

photo 5


How cute is the Vera Bradley bag? My friend got it for me for my birthday (along with the water container)!


Strawberry water, a yummy salad and The Fault in our Stars. Awesome afternoon! I was only one chapter 2 when I got there and I am now on Chapter 12. It is such a good book and easy read! I want to see the movie after this!

Tomorrow I am hoping to get out to the pier earlier and bring along my free slurpee! Don’t forget that tomorrow is 7/11 everyone, gotta get your free slurpee! I am taking my favvv body pump tomorrow afternoon followed by a spin class because I have a girl crush on the instructor! She is so nice and motivating! I’m gonna have to pack some snacks for in between the two classes and right after but I think I will be able to handle them back to back (I hope!). She always invites everyone to take it after so she must not think it’s too crazy to take spin after body pump!

This weekend is looking to be pretty quiet! I am hoping to get a long run in on Saturday and yoga on Sunday other than that I think I will be lounging by the pool and taking in the sun. 🙂

What flavor slurpee will you be getting?  I usually like Pina Colada but if there is something mangoey I may try that!

Any book recommendations for after The Fault in Our Stars? 



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    1. That is so strange because I never saw an original comment from you and I actually haven’t gotten comments in awhile?? Maybe contact WordPress? Sorry I can’t be of more help!

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