More Native American Food and Bad Yoga

Hope everyone is doing well! I have a feeling it is going to storm a lot tonight. The air is like soup.


photo 2

I started the day with yoga and about 20 minutes of necessary foam rolling. I didn’t take normal yoga class that I take in Hoboken. I took it at a new to me NYSC up by my parents and when I got to the class I knew it wasn’t going to be like my normal yoga class with Hope in Hoboken (like come on you have to be an awesome yoga teacher when your name is Hope.) 🙂

First, they didn’t have yoga mats, just regular mats. When I showed up everyone seemed to know each other and they were super chit chatty, not zen, like the class I go to. The teacher showed up literally when it was supposed to start and she just seemed like a hot mess. We immediately went into the “practice” and she wasn’t using any yoga terminology. She was yelling, yes yelling, put your butt up in the airrrrr, rather than downward dog. I tried my best to breathe and close my eyes as much as I could so I could find some Zen. Now I know to not take that class again.

After that I ate my overnight oats that I brought with me because I wanted to run to the Trader Joes that was by the gym after.

photo 1

Sometimes I worry that I am too over planned and too over prepared but then I just have to say, that is me, I feel more calm when I have a plan and know what is going on. Guess that Type A personality is just me and it’s alllll good. 😉

Since I know I have two 5ks this week I wanted to have some pasta with my meal this week for good carbs. Normally I have brown rice and quinoa pasta but I decided to try this whole wheat pasta which actually has 8g of protein in it.

photo 3

photo 4

My Sicilian grandmother is probably rolling over in her grave knowing that I am eating whole wheat pasta but I promise grandma I will not have it with sauce! I am using it to carbo-load! 😉 


I made turkey “muffins.” I have made them before, it’s just ground turkey, zucchini, a sauteed onion, some flour and and egg. Bake at 450 for about 40-45 minutes in a big muffin tin. On the side I have roasted brussel sprouts and broccoli. I had it tonight and it is delicious!

After all that cooking I re-fueled with a random lunch. Broccoli, squash, tuna, and raisins with a sweet potato on the side.

photo 5

Later on I headed to the pool even though it was cloudy and I finished The Fault in Our Stars! I am sadly proud that I finished a book in one week. I actually went to the library today to get another book! Goal is to finish it in a week again!! Anyway- I def recommend The Fault, it was soooo good and I cried a few times. Now I need to see the movie.

I then came home to a 5 star meal made by my dad. He literally went to like 10 stores and cooked for 2 days straight to make this Native American meal. Cooking is a hobby of his (and it is becoming mine!) and he did an amazing job!


He re-created the side dish on the right with the accurate ingredients this time. Roasted corn, blue potatoes, hominy, corn smut, pancetta, cactus, butternut squash, and sage. The main course was steak with mushrooms on top, green beans with two sauces. The white sauce is roasted corn chowder and the red is bean with chorizo. It was legit 5 star. No need to go out to dinner when you have my dad!



Watermelon and prickly pear. This was my first time having prickly pear and I liked it!

Monday (today)

I woke up early to head to the gym for Shoulders & Arms and core then a very intense spin class. Maybe it was the heat and humidity today but it was a tough one today.

My friend and I were going to head to the pool but with the crappy weather we decided to re-schedule.

I then came back to Hoboken and headed to the Library and the health food store so I could get some coconut water to hydrate for the 5k tomorrow night. Now I can’t buy one thing in a health food store, so I came back with coconut water, Arctic Zero (new flavor), a packet of vega protein powder- I have been wanting to try this stuff and I saw a packet so I went for it, and of course why not some more Quest bars to have on hand.



Will keep you posted on how I like it!

I picked up my swag bag for the 5k tomorrow night:


It came with a “mystery gift card.” You could go in the store and find out how much it was worth. I got a $10 one so decided to buy some Gus and Nuun. Pretty sweet deal!


Will let you know how the Tropical Nuun is and the Peanut Butter Gu!

I will update you on how the 5k goes tomorrow night! Hoping for no rain!!

Do you wear spin shoes to spin? If so, what brand/where did you get them?

Favorite Nuun or Gu or both flavor? 


2 thoughts on “More Native American Food and Bad Yoga

  1. I bought some inexpensive SPD clip spin shoes about two years ago, boy do they make a difference. I just perused websites until I found what I was looking for. All of the cycle shop stuff was way too expensive for my taste. I ended up spending only $40 and they work great!

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