The Rain is Finally Gone!

Happy Friday! It’s so funny when I say things like that in the summer because it never really matters if it’s hump day, Friday, Monday, I’m just enjoying lifeeeee.

So when we last spoke I was supposed to have a 5k Tuesday Night. So after the gym in the morning I ran some errands buying these:

photo 1

We are working on our apartment because my old roommate moved out and she had a lot of our furniture. I found these Adirondack chairs at Lowes for $17! Now I can enjoy my balcony!!

Other than that I tried to relax a little and hydrate for the 5k.

photo 4

Reading on the balc.

photo 2

Enjoyed a big and yummy salad.

I even made banana ice cream to kill time! My mom had given me some overripe bananas. So I sliced them the day before and kept them in a container in the freezer the night before. The next day I put the slices in the blender added some milk and water and blended it all up!

photo 3

It was SO creamy and delicious freshly made. I have been storing it in the freezer and eating each night “straight out of the carton.”


Finally at around 5:30 I started to get ready for the 5k:

photo 5

I was alllll ready to go.


Pre-race selfie.

And the weather had been iffy alllll day. It was sooooo humid and there had been a few monsoons/thunderstorms throughout the day. Around 6, the sun started to come out so my friend and I headed to the pier where the race was. I even used a porta-potti, did some dynamic stretching and was all ready to race! Then it started pouring and lightning and thundering so they cancelled the race. I was so bummed that they didn’t even have a rain date.

So my friend and I ran to a restaurant in the pouring rain for “post-race food.”


Veggie Burger and Fries- delicious!

Wednesday morning I woke up veryyy early (5am) to get to a 6:15am Spin Class! The bikes at the uptown gym are live strong bikes and they have a tracker with your cadence, etc. This was my first time taking Spin there and I was excited to try a new type of bike. However mine didn’t work and I didn’t really know this until we started the ride so that wasn’t fun. The girl did an “80 ride” so rather than focusing on our resistance the whole time we worked on keeping our rpms at 80. She would do check ins for people who didn’t have a working tracker. She also played house music the whole time which was okay. But sometimes I like to sing along to a song to keep me motivated. Even though we didn’t change the resistance much I was sweatingggg so it must have been a good workout! After that it was back day and core work.

I then headed home for a day of pampering!




Finalllllly after way too long color change and haircut. I told my hair dresser I wanted to keep my length but do something different so she said let’s try red. I have been very blonde and dark brunette so I said why not!


I am loving it! It’s not red, red, it’s got a nice tint of red!

Thursday I planned on going for my long run but the night before my ankle was bothering me and I wasn’t sure if I should go. So I decided to sign up for a 6:15 Shred class and see how it felt in the morning. I woke up with no pain and decided to go for the Long Run and cancel the class.

So. Glad. I. Ran.

It was such a beautiful day. No humidity. Gorgeous.


11 miles. Boom. For some reason everything just feels more right with the world after a long run.



I tried the Tropical Fruit Nuun on my run and it was sooo good, wayyy better than the watermelon flavor. The watermelon has a little mediciney taste and this did not at all. I also had the peanut butter Gu, OMG literally tasted like peanut butter. It totally sped me up a little after that mid-run treat!


Have I mentioned that I def recommend the Nathan Water Belt that I got for $20. It is not awkward, holds the perfect about of water/nuun water in each bottle and has a great place to stash all your belongings:



Refuel on the balc:


Then I baked some healthy chocolate chip cookies  to bring over to my friend’s house. She was making me lunch and I wanted to bring something!


We had an awesome time catching up, I hadn’t seen her in so long so we had plenty to talk about! She has a pool so we enjoyed lunch and dessert outside, went swimming and hung out in the sun!

After that I came home ate dinner quickly then headed to the Pier for free yoga outside with a friend.


It was a great way to end the day especially after a long run. I feel so blessed every time I get to enjoy and take in this view of NYC. It’s just gorgeous!

Today I am heading to a noonish time body pump and then babysitting later on. Tomorrow is a planned rest day and Sunday is the Giant’s Stadium 5k!

Have a great weekend everyone! 





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