The 10 Fitness Things I could not live without

Happy Friday!

Before I get to my title a quick food/fitness update because otherwise this wouldn’t be my blog! πŸ™‚

Yesterday I woke up and got in almost 6 miles at a nice and easy pace:

photo 4

An easier pace = happier ankle. The compartment syndrome is more of an annoyance and flares up at random times. Sometimes it happens when I wear flip flops, last night it happened when I tried running to first in my kickball game. I guess it’s just something I am going to have to continue to watch and monitor.

After my run I went to the gym to stretch and foam roll and did back work. I will probably need to switch it up soon as this “plan” goes for 4 weeks and I think I am at that point now. I haven’t been super consistent with it as I take body pump 1-2 times a week and switch that out for one of these days.

I then had to head up by my parents house to go to the dentist and then surprisingly I got a pool day in!

photo 1


The weather had been cloudy but the sun ended up shining through later in the afternoon. I finished my second book of the summer: Beachcombers by Nancy Thayer. It was a perfect summer book! It just made me love summer and get a lot of nostalgic feelings of being by the beach. I am going to head to the library this morning to pick out another book. I loved that I didn’t go to the library with any plan in mind, I just browsed and turned out to get a good one!

I then came home and grabbed an iced coffee because I knew I had a kickball game at 10pm and would not make it out if I didn’t have some caffeine. I also had a Detour Smart Bar- the Apple Cinnamon to tie me over during Yoga on the Pier. It was delicious and it def held me over during yoga. I did browse the ingredients and nutrition facts more and I’m not sure if these are the cleanest bars but they are still very tasty. I will let you know how the peanut butter chocolate is. I didn’t get the blueberry or cranberry ones because of my silly allergy.

photo 2 photo 3

I then headed to Yoga on the pier:

photo 5

Such a gorgeous night. I am truly in love with this view and being able to do yoga and just taking it all in makes me so happy. I am eating this all up and cherishing it for when winter time comes and I can look back and say at least I took total advantage of the outdoors this summer.

After yoga came home had dinner then met up with some friends before kickball. Had kickball and 10 and then even went out a little afterwards. I did take some sips of beer at both before and after hang outs but like I have said, drinking is just not my thing anymore. Hey, if I want a beer (like last week I tried a strawberry beer-yummmy) I will have one. Last night I really didn’t want the beer but had some sips just to socialize and be with everyone. Could I have not had any, sure, but having a little and socializing is part of the balance of it all. I live in a place where it is a big part of the social atmosphere which is absolutely fine, it just isn’t part of me anymore which is also absolutely fine.


So to my title, the 10 fitness things I could not live without. Janae posted this on her blog this week and I thought it sounded fun!

1. My NYSC Membership- this has changed my fitness life so much these past few months. I have so much more equipment, I can try any gym that is convenient for me, and I have been able to try lots of different classes!



2. My Garmin- this has been so helpful in tracking my running progress, pace, and reflecting on all the runs I have done.



3. My Spi Belt- This has been a life saver, I carry my id/debit card/insurance, money, cell phone, keys, gum, or even fuel in this thing! Plus I got it for free with my credit to my local running store.



4. My iPod Shuffle- Although I have recently discovered my love of running without music, this has been a great motivator during some tough runs and even helped me get through my two half-marathons. I love how tiny it is so it doesn’t get in the way at all.




5. Quest Bars- These have been such a great way to help fuel me for all my workouts. I love the small ingredient list and the high amount of protein in them. Yes they can be pricey but there are some parts of fitness that just are.



6. My foam roller/The Stick: I am putting these both together because they serve the same purpose and I try to use them as often as I can. I can sometimes get lazy and not want to use them but I remind myself how important it is to stretch/foam roll/stick to help prevent injury and to be kind to my muscles.

Unknown-4 Unknown-5


7. Pro-Compression Socks. I live in these for long runs and wear them to recover especially when I am having some pain.



8. Long Run Fuel- Gus and Nuun. I am learning the importance of fueling you body during long workouts and I have seen such a difference when properly fueled. I am able to go stronger and longer with Gus and Nuun.



9. Β Brooks Sneakers. Now this is my only second pair of real running shoes. Last summer I was wearing 5 year old puma sneakers to race in! Ahhh! I am not 100% I have found my shoe- I mean I do LOVE these but I don’t feel I have enough shoe experience to make much comparisons. However these have gotten me through the Brooklyn half and my Queens 10k PR and my Run of the Champions PR, so I gotta give them credit! #runhappy is my favorite part about Brooks.

photo 4


10. This view. I found my love of running with this view. I never tire of it and I feel blessed to have such a great life every time I run here. It keeps me motivated and makes me appreciate my ability to have such a great life.



What 10 fitness things can you not live without? Please comment, I would love to hear from my readers!! πŸ™‚Β 




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