Long Run, Meal Prep and lots of food pics!

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you are all doing well!

Let’s see where we last left off…


photo 1


My friend and I went to our Friday night of fun! Body Pump followed by Spin! So sweaty, so fun!

photo 2

Strawberries and Mint Choco Chip Arctic Zero to end the day.


I woke up nice and early and headed into Central Park for a long run, a half marathon to be exact with the lovely Jen!!

photo 3

Snapped a pic on my walk to the Path- so pretty.

photo 4

I had the Chocolate Peanut Butter Detour bar on my walk to the park. I felt like I needed just a little something more than my Quest Bar and Apple before the run and it was delicious, definitely helped sustain me for the first part of our run.

NYRR was hosting a long training run with water, gatorade stations, and fun cheer leaders along the way! Jen and I have such an awesome time running together and we seriously needed each other on Saturday. Both of us had heavy legs (she is an amazing spin teacher!!) and the weather was just so humid so combined with our week of workouts it was a tough run. But we did it and had a great time!!!

photo 5


After our run I headed home and refueled:


Zucchini Omelette with Laughing Cow Swiss, sweet potato and watermelon. For some reason I LOOOOVEEE watermelon after a long run.


And you of course needed to see a picture of my lunch. Leftover BBQ Lentil Mix up over Broccoli.

Later on I headed to Astoria to hang out with my friends and say goodbye to my friend who is moving across the country. We had a fun time but it was sad to say goodbye to my friend!


I went to my fav yoga class which was SO necessary after my long run! I felt like my yoga teacher knew what I needed. We did hamstring stretches and quad stretches to begin the class. It was like the class was being catered towards runners, it was awesome!

I then headed up to my parents for laundry, meal prep and the pool.


This week’s meal: Sweet Potato “Nachos” on top is ground turkey, peppers, black beans, carrots, onion, celery, and the TJs cowboy caviar all mixed in!


And you wanted to see a picture of my lunch that day. πŸ™‚


After the pool my family had a clam bake!!! Sushi for an app, steamed clams, lobster, corn, and watermelon for dessert. My parents feed me very well πŸ˜‰


Arms & Shoulders & Core + Hour Long toughhh Spin Class, hence my face below:



This class for some reason is always so tough. I just get so sweaty and it’s just hardddd to keep pushing but I do it!


Overnight oats in the car after the gym before running errands.


Later on I had the most amazing salad: arugula, carrots, tomatoes, beets, grilled chicken, avocado and cherries! If you have never put cherries on salad before, do it! I love mixing in fruit in my salads, it’s a nice sweet surprise!

So that’s the round-up! A ton of food and some great workouts. Looking forward to a week of fun workouts, sun and yes ::gasp:: I have to go into work to do some curriculum work!

Hope you all enjoy the week!!


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