WIAW (What I ate Wednesday)

Happy Hump Day Friends! When I went to write my title I realized that it was Wednesday so why not do a WIAW post!


But before I do that let’s back track to yesterday’s workouts! Yes plural!

In the morning I woke up and decided to do a fun tempo run for my speed work. I ran one mile to warm up at easy pace, then 2 miles at threshold pace, then one mile at marathon pace. 

photo 2

Later on after a day of curriculum work (see teachers work in the summer) and some relaxing I decided to head to the Pier to join the Party With a Purpose Group for a re-do of the 5k that was cancelled two weeks ago. There were only about 15-20 people but it was fun to run with a group sort of.  I enjoyed meeting other runners however a lot of them were looking to go speedy and really get a PR. The first mile I ran a 9:33 mile and knew that after my speed work in the morning I had to slow it down and take this as a recovery run as intended. I decided to let the group go ahead and sloooww it down. Another reason I wanted to slow it down was this was legit the first real run that my stomach truly bothered me, TMI, I know but you get the idea. I’ve had like some stomach pains here and there but this was no bueno. I had eaten a Smart Bar before I ran but I don’t think it was that?! Who knows, the human body is mysterious. Anywayyyy, I did finish the run and made it through some how…

photo 4

Double run: #beastmode haha 🙂


Now to WIAW!

Woke up and had this delicousness:

photo 5

This almond butter jar was from my mom (hence crunchy almond butter) so I took it this weekend when I saw it was empty and made overnight oatttsssss!! I swear this may be my favorite thing ever to eat. (Ok at least in my top 10). This is 1/2 cup rolled oats, a Fage Greek Yogurt, Chia Seeds, Milk ( I always eye ball this) and a mashed up ripe banana.

I then headed to work again. While working I munched on some carrots.


I googled some pics for this post because I didn’t plan on doing WIAW 😉



Yes same pic from Monday but you get the idea!

Pre-workout Snack:

IMG_4531 Unknown-2

Gym: 20 minute HIIT on the elliptical. I wasn’t planning on doing any cardio but when I got to the gym I was in a funk. I have been used to working out in the morning now, so it was hard to feel motivated to work out. But after just 10 minutes on that machine and the endorphins started going I was pumped and ready to work out!

Followed by Leg Day, Back Day and Core Work.

Post work-out snack on the drive home:




photo 1  photo 3

I experimented with a new way to sautee my kale!! Usually I just put some Garlic Powder on it and sautee it in olive oil. But I decided to put on cinnamon instead and throw in a handful of raisins. It’s like a sweet and savory combo- SO AMAZING- DO IT! I will now be eating kale this way for a long time haha. This was paired with roasted eggplant and roasted brussel sprouts and my Ground Turkey-TJs Cowboy Caviar-Sweet Potato Nachos.

I haven’t had dessert yet because I brushed my teeth because I thought I was going to kickball which ended up being cancelled. This post is making me hungry so I’m sure I’ll munch on something sweet.

That was fun doing WIAW!

Favorite thing you ate today?

Favorite way to cook kale? 


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