14 Miles!!

Hello Readers!! I love how many people from all over the world that you can connect with via blogging, I saw that I have had some readers in Africa- so cool!! Don’t be afraid to comment and say hello! 🙂

So after my busy day of meal prepping and yoga on Saturday I relaxed the rest of the night to prep for my long run the next day. Did some at home fro-yo-ing:

photo 1 photo 2

This was my first time trying Vanilla Maple and I realllllly liked this flavor. It tasted like actual fro-yo. I mixed it with crushed speculoos cookies (TJs) and strawberries. DO IT.


I woke up to rainy day but got dressed and headed to Central Park anyway for a long run with Jen!!

Before I met up with her I went to the bathroom in the Columbus Circle mall, such a fancy place to pee 😉 and did my dynamic stretching in the mall. I then had these chomps that I got in the swag bag that I won and I have to say, they were tasty, good gummy candy type texture and gave me some awesome energy for the first hour and a half of my run.

photo 3


photo 4photo 5

I took a am I crazy for running in the rain selfie. Then saw all the other runners and sucked it up and went for it. It actually felt refreshing to run in the rain.

Jen and I met about 5 miles into each of our runs and continued to 14 miles, aka my longest run ever!! The rain went away and the humidity started to creep in half way through our run. We also got to watch NYC Triathletes doing the run part of their Tri. It was so fun to cheer them on as we were running! We finished our run outside of the park and on the city streets which was a nice change of scenery too!



During the run I fueled with:


I liked both flavors!! The chocolate was just delicious and the Vanilla Bean tasted like cake batter. I have to say I am very lucky that I enjoy the texture of these things. I know that they skeeve a lot of people out but I do feel such a difference while I run when I take them.

SO necessary after run fuel: (although the GUs def made me not feel famished- super important to get those carbs in while running!)


Sweet potato pancakes with different nut butters because why choose one when you can have many and a zucchini /feta/three egg omelette.

Later that day I headed to my parents for Sunday Dinner. I had really wanted to try making this watermelon, feta, basil, cucumber and olive oil salad, so I did, and it was delicious!


We then had some yummy chicken shish kabobs. The chicken was cooked and marinated perfectly! (Thanks Daddy!)

image_4 image_3

After dinner I headed back home and had at home fro-yo again except this time with strawberries and cut up cherries. YUM!



I woke up super hungry for some reason! So I decided to add some almond butter to my pre-workout snack. So good:



I then headed to that Gym that I won two free weeks at. It’s about a good half hour drive and when I got there the woman told me that I needed to come at 9 where there was a manager (thanks for explaining that when I called). I was so annoyed so I ended up driving up to the gym by work and made it there by 8am so I could do arms, shoulders core and take the 9:30 Spin class. It all worked out but it was just annoying that I couldn’t try out that new gym. At this point I may forget about it but we will see.

I then spent the day laying out in the gorgeous weather on the pier. Spotted a cruise ship come by:


Came home and had my awesome Greek Meal:


The turkey meatballs are kinda dry though, I realized I forgot to put milk in them or maybe I overcooked them? I may google a way of how to salvage them? :-/ Everything else was really good though!!

After dinner my friend and I traveled uptown for some 16 Handles. photo-35

They have these new dividers for the cups! Game changer! I got this amazing vanilla soy and pistachio on the other side. Plus that gorgeous view. What a great night!


I have to head to a dr. appt. early so I’m going to do my speed work/hill work afterwards. I then have plans to hang out at a friend’s lake for the day!

Enjoy the week everyone!




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