WIAW and some other things!



Happy What I ate Wednesday again! I woke up this morning and decided I would do my best to document all my Wednesday eats. So let’s do some back tracking first then I will do my WIAW eats!


photo 1

I had an awesome/tiring/tough/hurting run on Tuesday. I was up by my parents so I decided I would do some hill work for Speed Work Tuesday. I ran a mile to warm up at easy pace then found a hill to get my work done. 5 sprints uphill at threshold pace, easy run downhill- this was about 2 miles. Then I did a 3 mile recovery run at easy pace. My right quad was bothering me a ton again and I kept having to stop and stretch it. I really think it’s been my lack of hip flexor/glute work. And cue PT exercises back into my routine a few times a week.

After that I headed to my friend’s lake for the day. We munched on good food, enjoyed the sun, and caught up on our summers!

photo 2 photo 3

We had quite the spread! I brought a salad to go with our pizza! The pic on the left is a yummy corn, bean, tomato salsa dip that my friend made. I am going to have to try this!

Later on I headed home and decided to go to free yoga at the pier with my friend. We were hanging out for awhile and realized that it was past 7pm. There were a good 30 people there and then we all pulled out our phones to google and see if yoga was scheduled and then we realized that it wasn’t. womp. womp. So we all got in a circle and did some yoga poses together for about 20 minutes. It was so fun! I love how nice and community oriented Hoboken is!!

photo 4



I woke up had coffee and my pre-workout snack:

photo 5

Then headed to the uptown gym for Legs (including some PT work), core and back day!


Love when I get the studio to myself.

On the walk home I had some almonds and raisins. (Forgot to take a pic!) I literally eat raisins like 30 times a day. It’s an addiction.

Then I had some post-workout breakfast:


I’m now in the part of my cinnamon raisin jar where I found some raisins in it! (See I said I had an addiction).

I decided to work on my classroom for a little bit today so I brought my lunch with me. I remember the past few years never being prepared with lunch and going the whole day working on my room and then being starving when I got home or resorting to the vending machine. I still keep thinking back to Meredith’s Β post about being prepared with your food is a form of self-esteem and shows care for yourself. I definitely care/feel proud/love myself a lot more now than I have in the past few years.


Salad: arugula, tomatoes, carrots, grilled chicken, chickpeas, and zucchini with a sweet potato on the side.


Carrots on the car ride home.


Dinner this week!



A nectarine from the Farmer’s Market, Vanilla Maple Arctic Zero and some Cinnamon on top!

What was the best thing you ate today?



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