Fun Friday!

Happy Friday Friends!! It is only 3pm and I have had a VERY fun filled day! Let’s catch up, shall we… 🙂


photo 1

Post 7 mile run. The top of my right foot hurt most of this run. Should I have stopped. Yeaa probably but I am a stubborn runner. Now my foot still is bothering me, so my long run is up in the air this weekend. I am planning for a Sunday run but if it hurts, I’m not gonna do it. I have a feeling it’s sore tendons or I’m curious if it is my new shoes. I also may have changed my gait up because my quad was bothering me? Blah, all these aches and pains may just be a sign of a little rest needed from running. I hate taking time off but  I know that little aches and pains can be a sign from my body saying to take a little break so I need to listen. (It’s SO hard to listen though!)

photo 2

So the other day I ate a banana then ate my overnight oats. While I was eating the oats I realized I had mixed a banana in my oats already! Two bananas in one day, oops lol I was nervous that would hurt my tummy but it was all good. However that screwed up my grocery shopping because I always buy 7 bananas at a time. So I got crafty and used half a banana and strawberries to make these overnight oats and the other half with strawberries to make a smoothie. You do what ya gotta do. Yes, I know you were dying to hear this story.

photo 3

Tried flavoring my water with a peach. Take note: it didn’t flavor the water.

photo 4


Strawberries, Mint Choc Chip and Speculoos Cookiess. Mmmmmm.

Fun Filled Friday!

This morning I woke up bright and early to head to the city to pick up my new glasses!

I didn’t realize that Warby Parker was open at 10, so I had some time to explore and have fun.

photo 5 image

Cool view by the WTC Path.


View of WTC from Soho.


The Dutch (I’ve heard this is a good restaurant)


The Cronut Bakery (I saw the people on line).


I then stopped at Aroma for a yummy iced coffee and the free chocolate that they give you:



This was really good coffee. It was fun to relax with a book in a NYC coffee shop.

Finally it was time to pick up these beauties at Warby Parker:


I am in love with them!! Nerdy and chic and fun!

Later on my friend and I partook in Hudson Restaurant Week. We went to Molos Greek Restaurant in Weehawken for a $20 lunch! I have been on quite the Greek kick this week!


They gave you sour dough bread with a red pepper and fava bean dip to start. We shared appetizers: Tatziki with Pitas and a Rubik’s Cube Salad of watermelon, cucumber and feta. For my lunch I got the Mediterranean Bass with Veggies and for dessert my friend had Greek Coffee Ice Cream and I got the Greek Yogurt with honey and almonds and walnuts. All super fresh, delicious and healthy for a great price and a great view!

So as I said it is only around 3pm and I have had a fun filled busy day!! Tonight is Body Pump and Spin- love my Friday nights! 😉

Let’s keep our fingers crossed this foot feels okay to run on Sunday!

Have a great weekend everyone!

What fun weekend plans are you looking forward to? 



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