Weekend Recap: Food, Running, Sneaks, and other randomness

Happy Tuesday Readers! I have been super busy that I haven’t had a minute to blog!

Let’s recap, shall we?

Friday Night

Body Pump + Spin = Early Bed Time


I cannot sleep late so I decided why not head to TJs before yoga and do my meal prep after yoga.

photo 1

Look what I saw! No- I didn’t buy it because I would eat the whole tub. I think I will buy it next time and bring it to my family.

After yoga I got to meal preppin’! This week is stuffed peppers:

photo 2 photo 3

Before                                                     After Baking

Recipe: Cut the tops off of the peppers. In a pan sautee a chopped onion, ground turkey, half a can of black beans, half a can of chopped tomatoes. Then add in cooked quinoa (I cooked 1/2 cup dry) and 3 laughing cow garlic cheeses. (I plan on baking them in the toaster oven again with another cheese on top).  Bake for about 25-30 minutes at 350.

photo 5

The staples.


photo 4

I then headed to my parents to relax by the pool:


Thanks for the pic Dad 😉

Oh- my friend dropped off a belated birthday gift for me:


I AM SO EXCITED! A Spiralizer!!! Also a bottle of garlic olive oil, sea salt, and fig balsamic (which I was just saying I wanted to get a bottle of that since the one I had ran out). What a thoughtful gift! She know I love to cook and it was such a great idea!! I can’t wait to use it!! Not sure if she reads this but THANK YOU!!!

After that my parents and I headed to this restaurant in Spring Valley, NY that I had been dying to try!


Once we sat down they brought us a huge bowl of chips and salsa and little quesadillas for each of us:


THEN they brought out another app for free!


These were nachos with cheese/beans/guac

I decided to try something different instead of the typical burrito/taco. So I got these sweet stuffed peppers. The stuffing had beef and some raisins (see I’m obsessed haha) and it was dipped in this sauce and then I guess fried. I didn’t expect it to be fried because it didn’t say it was on the menu, but it didn’t feel super heavy.


It also came with refried beans and rice. It was SO delicious. The restaurant was so fun too because they had a mariachi guy coming around and playing fun songs at all the tables! The whole restaurant was singing! It was such a fun time!!

Before we could even think about ordering dessert they brought out a free one along with a mini liquor shot (that I took a sip of and then gave to my mom haha).

image_4 image_5

The dessert was a tortilla filled with banana and then some ice cream and whipped cream on the side.

If you are ever in the Spring Valley, NY area I totally recommend this place! It was delicious, fun and great service!!


I woke up and enjoyed my morning cup of coffee. I am trying to enjoy these days because soon I will be back to work and having to down my coffee much quicker:


Then I got all ready for Long Run Sunday:


However Long Run Sunday wasn’t so long. I had terrible foot pain most of the run and by 6 miles I knew it was time to stop. I was freaking out that it could be a stress fracture but it really just felt like a sore muscle. I will get to what it is later on…

image_9 image_8

No. Fun. 😦



I then helped my mom with her grocery shopping and we did some fridge cleaning/organizing.



Tuna with a nectarine (from the farmers market) and mustard, sweet potato w/ pb, carrots and brocc.

I then enjoyed the rest of the day by the pool!

Later on it was time for Sunday Dinner:

image_12 image_13 image_14

My dad’s pesto sauce is the best and mozz/tomato salad is such a summer staple.


Shoulder, Arms, Core and a tough hour long Spin class. I don’t know what it is with this class but it is always so tough and sweaty but such an awesome workout!

Relaxed at the pool AGAIN 🙂

Then I went out to dinner with some girlfriends:


Dragon Roll and Wasabi Roll. This was my first time getting that Wasabi Roll and OMG I cannot wait to go back!


So back to my foot saga. After tons of googling and worry. I decided that this foot pain only started with my new Brooks Glycerin 12. I read some things about lacing differently so I decided to do some testing. I went out for a run first with my old Brooks Glycerin 11. The foot pain was not there. I did have that weird quad pain which showed me that these are just done but it made me realize that it couldn’t be my foot it had to be my shoes. So then I decided to go for another run following it in my new Brooks 12 with the new lacing. Now I do have to say my compartment syndrome felt better and my quad had no pain and I didn’t feel that weird foot pain, BUT the new lacing just made them feel unstable.


So I decided to head to the Running Store. The guy tried another lacing for me that may not affect that area. I will see when I test them out on Thursday. But I decided to see if they had another pair of the 11s because I do like them. The guy said they didn’t have many left but he would check if they had them in my size. When he came back he said it was the last pair that was my size. I think it was meant to be 😉 So I bought them and since I had store credit I got them for $70!! (Originally $150 when I bought my first pair!)


So now I have two pairs of sneakers to alternate. I think that works! If for some reason I am not feeling the 12s I am going to back and return them though (or at least get a store credit for them).

I will be sure to keep you posted on my sneaker/foot saga.

Here is a pic of the pretty salad I had today:


The rest of the day has been very productive. I did a bunch of things to get ready for school and since tomorrow is supposed to be rainy too I think I will bring everything over to my classroom!

I hope everyone has a great week! I am trying to savor and live up these last weeks of summer!




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