I don’t want Summer to end!

Happy Friday Readers!! Summer is going by so fast and I do not want it to end. I feel like I am having a great summer and I am really trying to enjoy and do as many fun things as possible!

On to our recap!


Leg, Back and Core Day at the gym! It was rainy so I decided to head to the downtown NYSC. I had a great workout. I love that I now feel like I can go to a gym, do only strength work, no cardio and feel like I really worked out.

I then headed up to my classroom to get some work done.

Later on… dinner this week:

photo 1

These stuffed peppers are amazing! The recipe is in my last post and I highly recommend you making them!


I woke up and decided it was going to be speed work day since my foot was feeling much better (the way the guy tied my new shoes is great). I had stayed up at my parents house from the night before so my plan was to warm up by running to my High School track then do some speed work then run home for a cool down.

I ran to the HS (1 mile warm up) and saw football practice going on so I decided that being at the track wasn’t going to work. SO I did Fartleks (that word will always make me giggle) for the first time! Fartleks are the Swedish word for “speed play” which means you pick different points, run as fast as you can to it, then slow down, once you feel like you are starting to recover, pick a new point and speed up again. I had SUCH a blast doing this. The first few times, my body was like what are you doing to me. But once I got over that, my body was soooo into it! It felt so awesome to really see how fast I could go, recover a little, then do it again. I’m sure having a heart rate monitor would be helpful for this but I just gauged it on how I felt (which I have learned in Spin class!).


1 mile warm up @ easy pace

3 miles of Fartleks

2 miles cool down @ easy pace

Total: 6 Miles! Woot!

photo 3

Part of my re-fuel:

photo 2

Raisin addiction.

Then I headed down for a GORGEOUS day at the Jersey Shore with my family.

photo 4

I even finished my 3rd book of the summer! So exciting, on to #4! I really want to keep this up during the school year, it is just so hard to find the time.

Then we headed to a restaurant called Red’s in Point Pleasant. Have to say, they didn’t have many choices and it was overpriced.

image_2 image_1

Steamers and Clams on the Half Shell for an app.


A pathetic salad for dinner with a few grilled shrimp. Way too over priced for this. My parents got the fish and chips which I sampled and fried clam strips. I felt like this place catered to a ton of fried food and my stomach just doesn’t handle fried food well at all. Even after tasting their food my tummy was unhappy with me.


At least there was a nice view.

Since I had the most pathetic over priced salad I told my parents about an amazing homemade ice cream shop in Spring Lake called Hoffmans.


This made up for the pathetic salad. This is Jersey Monkey (banana ice cream with peanut butter and chocolate) with hot fudge. This is why I run. 🙂


I woke up bright and early to pack for my weekend away and day in the city today! This weekend I am heading to Newport, RI with my sister and her boyfriend. I am SOOO excited! Full recap when I get back!

Today in the city I am meeting some friends for lunch, hopefully getting some sun at Central Park, then of course Body Pump and Spin for a fun Friday night!

I also did some baking to bring for the weekend:

image_6 image_7

Before                                               After

I used this recipe from Chocolate Covered Katie but added chocolate chunks in because what is peanut butter without chocolate?

Ohhhh and two exciting things to share!!

photo 5

I will be volunteering at this years NYC Marathon!!! I cannot wait to help and be part of such an incredible experience.

I also woke up this morning and saw that I saw Nut Butter Runner’s Larabar Giveaway! I think I need to play the lotto soon- I have been doing very well 😉



Okay! Off for a fun filled day and a SUPER exciting weekend!!

Have a great weekend everyone!!!



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