Newport, Rhode Island weekend recap!

Hello Readers!

Sorry it has taken me a few days to blog. After being away for the weekend and then heading to my classroom and doing everything else part of my busy life, I haven’t had a minute!

This post will be dedicated to a recap of my weekend in Newport, Rhode Island. I am hoping tomorrow I can do a regular workout/yummy eats post!

Ok on to my recap!

I went to Newport with my sister and her boyfriend so we left from her boyfriend’s house early Saturday morning (in Connecticut).

The drive took about 3 hours or so, really not so bad. Once we arrived we headed to my sister’s boyfriend’s sister’s apartment (that is a mouthful). After that we headed straight to the BEST ICED COFFEE place in the world. Ma’s has SO many flavors. I decided to get a Decaf Reese’s Flavor which I don’t believe is used with a sweetener, it tastes like it is brewed that way (they have like 20 amazing flavors, snickers, snicker doodle, toasted almond, banana hazelnut, just to name a few).

IMG_5770 IMG_5771


After that we headed to visit our friend at her job:


She works at a hotel and look at the gorgeous view there!

Then it was time to head home and get ready for the Polo Match aka a glorified picnic πŸ˜‰

We had quite a feast, especially since we hadn’t ate since breakfast!


Broccoli, tomato, bacon, cheese salad along with grilled chicken. We also had crackers and cheese and hummus and fruit before!

Here are some pics from the Match:

IMG_5808 IMG_5805

And some selfies in a sweatshirt because I was so cold!

IMG_5800 IMG_5818

After that we visited our friend’s horse named Moonbeam:



Then we headed to the beach to have a bonfire and s’mores:

IMG_5830 IMG_5832

Sorry the s’more pic is dark.Β 

Saturday was such an amazing experience. From seeing a Polo Match to being able to have a bonfire on the beach, it was such a blast!!

The next day I woke up super early despite a 1am bedtime, so I could go out for a nice Long Run: 14 miles to be exact πŸ˜‰ This run was so amazing, gorgeous view, I felt great, no music, just pure bliss. These runs are why I continue to run.


I took a nice and easy pace, especially to stop and take pics along the way. Here are a few I took:

IMG_5878 IMG_5875 IMG_5871 IMG_5866 IMG_5864 IMG_5854 IMG_5850 IMG_5856 IMG_5848 IMG_5841 IMG_5845 IMG_5842 IMG_5839 IMG_5833


Such a GORGEOUS place from the beach views to the mansion views. Amazing!

After my run it was time for fuel. My sister’s bf made us Monte Cristos (and he made me the leftover eggs too because I was HANGRY). I had never had a Monte Cristo before but it was amazing:


Then we needed coffee of course! This was a Iced Salted Caramel:


Then we went and toured the Breaker’s Mansion! You can’t take any pictures inside but I did get a bunch of outside pics:

IMG_5887 IMG_5893 IMG_5898 IMG_5896

Then we grabbed some lunch:


Veggie & Hummus Wrap!

Then we headed to another mansion, the Marble House:

IMG_5909 IMG_5910 IMG_5932 IMG_5924 IMG_5921 IMG_5912 IMG_5931Selfie by the tea house in the back of the mansion.

Then we headed to Thames Street to get some touristy shirts (my sister’s bf bought it for me, SO sweet of him!)

IMG_5942 IMG_5956

Before we left Newport we had to get our last fix of Ma’s (I had to get Reese’s again):

IMG_5947 IMG_5948

My sister got their Cro Donut, I guess a copy of the cronut. I took a bite out of it and it just tasted like a heavy glazed donut to me, not my fav.

All in all I had the most amazing weekend. It was so nice to get away to someplace beautiful, enjoy an amazing long run, and experience different things that I haven’t tried before!





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