Negative Splits!

Hope you all enjoyed my Newport Recap yesterday! Now let’s get back on track with workouts and food aka all I blog about 😉


Shoulders, arms, core and Spin class. My legs were dead after running 14 miles on Sunday but it still felt so good to get a sweaty workout in. I also think that may have been my last Monday morning Spin class because I will be at school Monday and then after that it’s Labor Day! There is an evening Spin class on Mondays so I will switch back to that. I have been really spoiled all summer with all this time to get great workouts in.

After that I headed to TJs for my weekly haul and meal prep. I also had to stop at my local Asian food market to get soba noodles for the recipe I planned to make.

IMG_5957 IMG_5958 IMG_5959


This recipe is AMAZING! You def should try it!

Cook chicken in the pan then add broccoli, and snap peas. Then add the sauce (mix about 3tbsps of peanut butter, soy sauce, and hoisin sauce in a bowl) to the chicken and veggie mixture. I really just eyeballed on the sauce to a consistency I liked. Then I added the cooked soba noodles and a package of broccoli slaw. Let it all simmer for awhile and Voila! Such a delicious meal! Great balance: protein, carbs, veggies and healthy fat!



I’ve been enjoying this meal with some roasted carrots this week.



After that I enjoyed a big salad and a mozz/fresh garden tomato salad from my sister’s bf’s garden.

IMG_5962 IMG_5963

I then headed to the pool for some relaxation!

I had dinner with my family that night:


Grilled chicken, fresh garden grilled veggies and a grilled potato. I am going to miss grilling season so much!

After that I used a giant zucchini from the garden to try my hand at these zucchini muffins:

IMG_5975 IMG_5977

I added chocolate chips and walnuts to the recipe. They came out awesome. It was my first time eating zucchini bread and I really liked it!


Started the day with an awesome speed workout at the track:


So much fun!! I love speed work and I think it has definitely helped me become faster.


Leg, core and back day at the gym!


I woke up and got ready for a run! I tried my new Brooks Glycerin 11s (in blue) and these awesome socks that I won in my running bag. Loved the shoes and loved the socks! Super comfortable!

photo 1

I went out knowing I would probably run 7 miles because for some reason now I like the number 7 for a weekday run.

Well little did I know I would run negative splits. I kept seeing my pace get faster at each mile marker and kept going with how I felt. I did purposely slow it down for the last mile just to cool down.

photo 2

Like I said- I think all these speed work is helping! I never felt like I was running to fast though, I really felt great the whole time. Tiny bit of ankle pain but for the most part my form was good and my ankle liked it.

After that I headed for a fun day at the Yankee Game with my best friend, her husband and his friend.

photo 3 photo 4

We brought sandwiches to the stadium to save some money:

photo 5

Turkey, lettuce, tomato, and some chips on a whole wheat wrap.

After that we hung out for awhile at local bar. I had such a fun day with them!

Now I am relaxing (and blogging). I am not feeling 100%. Like I feel okay but I kinda am losing my voice and I have this weird cough. I do NOT want to get sick for my last days of summer. I am not letting it happen.

I have a fun filled busy weekend ahead! Looking forward to some great workouts and hopefully some time in the sun!

Have a great weekend everyone!




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