Top 10 Summer Moments

Happy Labor Day for those who are in America!

Today is a sad day for teachers. Our fun/relaxing summers are over and it’s time to get back to the grind. I will miss morning runs/workouts, the pool, and having random day adventures! I am of course excited to meet my new class and get the year started. So cheers to all you teachers for a great new year!

I have been thinking a lot about blogging/workout schedules/etc. to start the year and my goal is to blog 2-3 times a week! I think I want to break it up more by workouts, food/recipes/meal prep, and something fun/different.

So today will be a fun post!

My family and I were hanging out after dinner the other night talking about our top 10 summer moments. It will be hard because I had a real blast this summer. So here they are in no particular order!

10. Β My Birthday! I started the day with a long run in Central Park with my love, Jen! Then headed to the Boat Basin to enjoy gorgeous views and amazing company with all my friends! The next day I also enjoyed a great brunch with my family!

image_1 image_9


image_15 image_13

9. Arte e Vino Painting class with my two best friends to celebrate our birthdays!



8. The Giant’s Stadium 5K where I PRed and just had an awesome race: running on the field and having my fam there!



7. My weekend getaway to Newport, Rhode Island. Saw a polo match, had the most gorgeous run ever, spent time with my sister and her bf, drank some damn good iced coffee, and toured some gorgeous mansions!



6. Dinner at El Bandido with my parents. Such an unexpected fun dinner out with the most amazing food!



5. Fun Friday Nights with my friend. I love going to Body Pump and Spin and getting an amazing workout on a Friday night, plus having a friend to do it with makes it even better!

image_2 image_1

4. My two beach trips with my parents. Both gorgeous days laying in the sun and finishing the night off with the best homemade ice cream ever.

photo 4 image_4


3. Speed Work Days. I started incorporating speed work into my routine this summer and it has definitely improved my running, felt amazing, and really changed up my running routine for the better!

IMG_5986 photo 1


2. Free yoga nights on the Pier. Gorgeous views and so necessary for my body.

photo 5


1. Pool Days. Actually getting a chance to enjoy a few books this summer at my favorite summer hang out.

image_3Β image_11


Those are my Top 10 Summer Moments! Looking back I really enjoyed my summer a lot. I definitely enjoyed the outdoors as much as possible, ate a ton of great food, and worked out and ran a lot! I think I ran over 100 miles in August (more on that to come πŸ˜‰ ) I am glad I enjoyed and savored summer because when it is 0 degrees in January I can look back on this post and say at least I didn’t waste my summer days.

What are some of your favorite summer moments?Β 


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