Catching up

Hi friends! Happy Sunday!

So sorry I haven’t had a minute to blog at all, with school starting up I have just been SO busy. I’m hoping once I get my routine down I will be back into a blogging routine.

So here is a random mash up of food and workouts! I can’t remember what days I did/ate anything so this will be a fun and random post! Like I said, I am hoping to blog 3 times a week on food, workouts and random/fun!

photo 1 image_1 photo 2

Some Labor Day weekend eats! I will miss BBQ.

photo 3

Pre-yoga selfie. “I run for the T-shirt” headband from Stone Fox Fit event.


Calculated that I ran 115.5 miles in August!


Last week’s meal prep. “Healthy Chicken Pot Pie” I made turkey muffins with carrots, peas and corn mixed in, put it over sweet potatoes mashed and heated it up with a laughing cow cheese. I even made all my salads for the week ahead of time. Boy- does it feel good to be ALL prepped. Makes my busy life during the week that much simpler.


A salad at the pool on closing day. This was awesome- egg, veggies, white potato, avocado. YUM.

photo 5 photo 4 image_4 image_11

Using my prize from Nut Butter Runner! (I gave the berry away to my friend due to my allergy) but I think the cinnamon nut was my fav! I think this granola needs to be in my breakfast rotation. For the cocoa coconut I mixed it with coconut yogurt and a banana. Yum!! The Cinnamon Nut I put over Fage plain yogurt, banana slices and chia seeds.


Sweaty/humid/hot mid-week run with negative splits. I was bold enough to run in just a sports bra. Damn was that empowering.


I. Did. It. I wanted to go out and run 15 and I did. I ran 15 miles. And I felt glorious. I feel great today (gonna recover with some yoga) but wow. I did it! You really can do anything you put your mind to. Just make a plan and do it!

Post-run re-fuel:


Overnight oats in an empty almond butter jar. I always joke that this is the prize for finishing nut butter- you don’t just throw it away, you get delicousness!!!


Banana peanut butter chocolate chip muffin/cupcakes with a peanut butter glaze. Recipe adapted from here: Sally’s Baking Addiction. Made them for a BBQ I have today and for my friend’s birthday that we had last night. They have greek yogurt, honey, brown sugar, whole wheat flour, 1 egg, lots of PB- great, clean and healthy ingredients.

I hope you all enjoy the rest of the weekend. I am going to yoga then a BBQ today. Hopefully once the beginning of the year calms down a bit I will be able to blog on the regular! 🙂





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