Happy Hump Day! (Now I can say it and mean it since I am back at work 😉 )

As I said I am going to try and get on more of a blogging schedule with being back at school. So here goes a round up of my eats this week! Thanks Jenn for hosting the WIAW party! I chose the “Fall into Good Habits” Link because I would say that is what my post is about. New school year & new routines!

wiaw fall into good habits button


Here is the meal I have been eating this week. Cut up chicken that was sauteed with an onion, then I added roasted broccoli, roasted carrots, three left over laughing cow cheeses, quinoa, and some raisins! This is a great and yummy balanced meal of carbs, protein, fat, and veggies! Also on the side roasted brussel sprouts and kale. 

photo 1

I mentioned I was going to a BBQ on Sunday which was so much fun! I got a chance to hang with my godson plus a bunch of other cute babies. Everyone enjoyed the choco pb mini muffins that I made too!

photo 3

This was my third plate of food after two plates of chips/dip/apps. After running 15 miles the day before I was HANGRY. Everyone loves a good BBQ.

Although I do not count macros or calories or anything like that I do work to maintain a great balance between healthy food that makes me feel good and fuels my body as well as listen to cravings when I have them. Over the summer I think I built a really solid workout routine that is balanced as well. With that being said, since I am trying to keep up with the same mileage/workout routine along with teaching (a job that is quite active ALL day) I think I may need some more daily calories. Over the summer I was working out and then was able to lounge by the pool or the pier but now I am working all day plus doing the same workouts/runs. So I am just experimenting with adding in some more fuel to my night snacks and I am trying to get in a morning snack before lunch at work (although sometimes it can be hard to find the time). I don’t want to lose any weight, just want to continue to grow muscle and the only way to do that is to EAT more! Teachers don’t get to eat whenever they want, everything is so scheduled so we have to kind of train our bodies to adapt to that schedule.

Here are some night snacks I have enjoyed this week:

photo 4

Grapes and two dates with coconut peanut butter (amazing combination- do it!)

photo 5

This tasted like I went out for a bowl of fro-yo. Arctic Zero Cookies & Cream plus Arctic Zero Vanilla Maple, some frozen banana slices, almond butter and a few chocolate chips. OMG this was amazing and I didn’t have to walk all the way uptown to 16 Handles.

On the days that I go to the gym by work I bring a hard boiled egg to have to tie me over during the hour drive home:


I also bought some cottage cheese mixed with almonds and raisins to have as a mid-morning snack:



Oh and just because they came in the mail today…


I am a work in progress. Learning how to listen to my body, fuel properly, workout/run in a way that works for me, all while trying to juggle work and life.

Hope you enjoyed seeing some eats!

Next post: Weekly Workouts!


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