Listening to your Body

Happy Saturday Everyone! Hope you enjoyed my WIAW post, I kind of like breaking it up by food/exercise/fun! Hope you do too πŸ™‚


1 Hour Hatha Yoga- Great Recovery especially after running 15 on Saturday.


Arms, Shoulders, Core plus 45 minute Spin class. At this point I am able to do 25 lb bicep curls and 40 lb. drag curls! So exciting! The spin class was perfect after a long run and busy weekend. He actually had us do the hard resistance out of the saddle most of the time and then eased up when in the saddle, it was exactly what I needed. A good sweat but nothing too crazy.


I was nervous because the weather seemed iffy but I ended up getting out there for a run!

photo 1

I have been doing speed work on Tuesdays and well…..



I did a 2 mile warm up run, then ran up that hill 8 times at threshold pace and then 2 mile cool down run. My overall pace seemed super slow. My stomach actually was bothering me during this run so that definitely didn’t help and it was kind of muggy out so I think that could be why too. Overall I didn’t feel fabulous after the run, just kind of warn out and blah.


Legs, back and core day at the gym by work. A trainer there showed me how to do a different back/chest exercise so I tried that out while I was there.


September 11th- I wanted to just get out there and run, recap and honor the day. September 11th is a day that is so vivid for all of us especially in NY/NJ. The whole run I really reflected on how the little things shouldn’t bother us. We need to enjoy every moment of our lives and not take any of it for granted. I think running has helped me enjoy and honor my life more.

photo 3 photo 2

I was able to run up to Weehawken and take in the spectacular view of this 9/11 memorial.



photo 4


I did 8 miles at a super slow pace. My legs realllllly felt dead and heavy for most of the run and it just didn’t feel great. I was glad to get out there, see the memorial and reflect on the day though.


Friday Night Fun: Body Pump & Spin!


Throughout the whole day on Friday my ankle (compartment syndrome) was acting up. I wasn’t sure if it was from the Thursday night run, the sandals I was wearing or what but it just was annoying me. I decided to go to Body Pump & Spin anyway because both have no impact. Walking to the Path train was quite miserable though. My legs felts so heavy and dead and my ankle wasn’t happy. I somehow made it through Body Pump and Spin and it actually kinda felt good to “flush my legs out.”


After my sweaty gym sesh on Friday night- I headed to a friend’s birthday party and the walk there and home was kind of a struggle, my legs felt heavy and sore. Since I got home around midnight I decided that with the occurring theme of this week (did you notice how many times I mentioned dead legs) today would be a TOTAL rest day. No yoga, just rest. I love getting a long run in on Saturday but my body was telling me something and I am glad I am listening to it.


I did get a chance to food shop and meal prep but other than that I am going to ice, compression, elevate and foam roll today.

I was talking to Mom and she pointed out that just like I mentioned I may need more fuel because I am back to work, I may need to work on recovering more too because I am literally on my feet for most of the day. Man do I miss summer πŸ˜‰

One more thought, I was talking to my friend and I was telling him how I always stick to the same schedule with my exercise routine and he said, “Andrea, variety is the spice of life. Your body gets used to the same thing, change it up.” I definitely think I change things up in terms of adding more weight, speed work, etc. But I have been sticking to the same lifting routines for awhile now (same days) and it is definitely time to switch it up. I know I have been mentioning that I want to do it but my friend really motivated me! So this rainy afternoon will be spent doing some research on

We will see if I can go for a long run tomorrow, maybe a short one, maybe just yoga. We will see how I feel. Rest is part of the program and so is listening to your body.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Stay tuned….. I have an exciting post coming up in regards to Arctic Zero Ice Cream! πŸ™‚


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