Arctic Zero Review!

Hello Readers! I am so excited to announce that Lindsey from the Arctic Zero team reached out to me because of my love for Arctic Zero on my blog. She sent over some new flavors for me to sample and share my thoughts out with all of you! So exciting!

Last Friday afternoon I saw this awesome package at my door:

photo 4

I opened it right up to find 6 pints of Arctic Zero!! Two of each flavor: Sea Salt Caramel, Orange Cream and Coconut. They don’t have them in the stores by me so I was SO excited to try these out!

photo 5

Friday night after I got home from my sweaty night/friend’s birthday I decided to dig into the Sea Salt Caramel for a midnight snack. 😉 I decided to eat it straight from the pint. It was delicious! I am a big fan of anything Sea Salt Caramel and this was an awesome flavor.


The next night I decided to sample both the Orange Dream and Coconut and decide which one I wanted for dessert. Welp, I couldn’t make a choice, I liked them both A LOT! So, just like I do when I go out for fro-yo, I had both flavors.

image_2 image_1

Bottom layer is the Orange Dream with some Semi- Sweet Chocolate Chips, then a layer of the Coconut with some frozen strawberries and a crushed Trader Joe’s Speculoos cookie! Just like a night out for fro-yo but at home.


I have been enjoying making my at home fro-yo this week in a variety of ways. Here are a bunch of tasty and different ways to enjoy Arctic Zero at home:

Sea Salt Caramel, Coconut, Frozen banana, Semi-Sweet Chocolate chips, almond butter and a Speculoos cookie!

photo 1

Here is Orange Dream with Vanilla Maple (I had it in the fridge already), semi-sweet chocolate chips, Speculoos Cookies, and almond butter!

photo 2

Here is Sea Salt Caramel with Cookies & Cream (I also had this in the fridge), semi-sweet chocolate chips, frozen banana slices, and coconut peanut butter!

photo 44

There are a few reasons why I love Arctic Zero. One is that half a cup is only 36 calories/ 150 calories for the whole pint. Now I know that I say I don’t count calories/macros, but it’s nice to know that I can eat it a few days in a row and know that I am still maintaining a healthy balanced diet (ugh I hate the word diet) lifestyle. I think having regular ice cream a few days in a row wouldn’t be so balanced (hello sugar overload) so this is a nice alternative.

Another reason I like Arctic Zero is the ingredients are recognizable. This isn’t “diety” ice cream made with a bunch of chemicals. There is whey protein and natural ingredients. It is also Lactose & Diabetic Friendly and Gluten Free for those folks! 😉


I also have mentioned my love for fro-yo, especially 16 Handles, and while Arctic Zero doesn’t taste exactly like 16 Handles, it is great for the nights that I want it but don’t want to make the trek uptown. (Yes I can run 15 miles but walking 25-30 minutes for fro-yo is a task, don’t ask me why). 😉 I love being able to put fun and healthy toppings like nut butters, nuts, fresh/frozen fruit, chocolate chips and Speculoos cookies on it! There are endless possibilities to top it with!

Check out their website or stores like Whole Foods, Publix, Shop Rite, and more to try out this great treat!

Have you tried Arctic Zero?

 What is your favorite flavor?

 What are fun toppings you would put on Arctic Zero?




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