Weekly Workouts Recap!

Here is a recap of this past week’s workouts!


So glad I rested on Saturday!! I woke up and my legs felt refreshed and ready to run! It was 57 degrees when I left- perfect running weather. I still wore shorts/tank/compression socks but felt great (chilly when the wind blew). My splits were all over the place (one said 8:42 which I don’t believe AT all) but overall I felt great. My legs weren’t tired, the views were beautiful, gorgeous weather and just pure long run happiness.

photo 1


As I mentioned my friend inspired me to add variety to my weight lifting because I have been doing the same thing for a few months now. Over the weekend I did some research on Bodybuilding.com and made workout cards:


At the gym I did Chest & Triceps, took a spin class, the finished with some core work. The chest workout made me sore for a few days, so it goes to show that it was good I switched up my routine! Spin class was fun- he ended the class with having us sing along to the song, “heyyy hey baby, oh ah, I wanna knowwww if you’ll be mah girl.” It was so fun!!


I had a doctor’s appt by my parent’s house so I decided to run in their neighborhood.

2 mile warm up + 2 miles of Fartleks + 2 miles cool down =6 miles

I always dread speed work just a little (mostly because I am tired from a day of work) but while I am doing it and finished I feel awesome!! My cool down and warm up pace was slower than it has been in the summer and I am really equating it to the fact that I am on my feet for 6+ hours a day.

photo 3


I decided to take my Legs, Back, Arm, and Shoulder cards and do a workout from each sheet and continue the rotation. This was so fun and the time flew by because I didn’t have a set plan and didn’t know what was coming up next I just was able to pick when I got to the next card. I really had a great time and it left me sore so something had to work! 😉

photo 2

I think I have a farmer’s tan from running!


After a stressful work day 8 miles along the beautiful NYC skyline was exactly what I needed. Running truly is my therapy and all felt right with the world when I was done.

photo 4


Body Pump and Spin. I love my Body Pump & Spin teacher- she works us hard but in such an awesome way! I love being a “regular” and knowing the people in my classes. It is just so much fun! It is my happy hour(s) J Next week they are releasing Body Pump 91 and we are all going to wear red and black for the occasion! (PS I realized I do not have any red workout clothes- hmm maybe some shopping this week?!)


I decided my long run needed a change of scenery so I headed to Central Park. My long runs have been super quiet with only passing a few runners. Central Park is FILLED with runners so there is almost a race feeling in the air. You could tell so many people were in marathon training too. With the feeling in the air, my body was speedy. When I was heading to the end of my second loop of Central Park my legs were feeling tired so I decided to take a second gu and keep on going until I hit 15 miles! 10:27 pace! I technically PRed this distance!! I felt great!!

photo 5

Well that is a recap of my weekly workouts! Tomorrow if my legs feels good, I am going to head to yoga and then I have a short walk for Pancreatic Cancer to go to!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

What was your favorite workout this week? My 15 miler & Friday night spin!


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