Treat Yourself Tuesday

Hello readers! I am trying to be on my blog game!! I did good with Food and Workouts and I would like to put in a random post each week too if I can!

I decided to link up with Becky over at Olives n’ Wine for Treat Yourself Tuesday!


Last week as the weather started to turn I realized that it was time to bite the bullet and go shopping for Fall clothes. In the past year and a half I have probably lost about 30 lbs. and gained some muscle, which has made me go down quite a few sizes. Last year I kind of survived on rolling my pants and getting looks from people at work thinking I was too skinny because I was drowning in my clothes.

I have always had a weird guilt factor when I buy clothes for myself. I think it stems from not having a lot of money during a period of time when I grew up and I wasn’t able to get new clothes. That period of my life as a child def impacted me in good and maybe not so great ways, but I do think that’s where the guilt comes from.

Anyway (random life tangent 🙂 ), so I had done some summer work for school this summer and got paid for it, so I decided to put that money towards a new work wardrobe!

I went to the Loft and I got 4 pairs of pants and a fun blue leopard tee. I had a $25 savings pass and as a teacher you get a teacher discount, so I did very well on all those clothes!

photo 1

I then headed to Old Navy for some basics. I got a long sleeve white and black tee and a red & whit striped one. I got a black cardigan, a gray sweater and two button-up shirts a checkered one and a polka dotted one. I also spied a pair of fun “motorcycle type” boots for only $30! I am super excited to wear them!

Here are some of my looks! 😉

photo 2 IMG_6407

A healthy lifestyle just shows how much you care about yourself and want to do right for your body. I think that dressing well (with clothes that fit) go under that category as well. I still struggle with wearing a smaller size because I get worried that I could be too skinny (I never want to go back down that road again). I have to tell myself: I exercise, I fuel my body with nutritious foods, I don’t deprive myself, and a smaller size is okay when I am following all of that.

So I am owning (really working to) my healthier body and rocking it in some fun new fall clothes because we all deserve to treat ourselves!!

Check out how everyone else is treating themselves this Tuesday! 




2 thoughts on “Treat Yourself Tuesday

  1. olivesanwine

    I love this!! You totally deserved those new clothes, especially after losing all of that weight. Awesome job and cute finds as well 🙂

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