Bronx 10 Miler Recap!

Happy Sunday friends!

What a gorgeous day for a race!


All my stuff laid out the night before.

I woke up nice and early- (4:15) and headed to the Path around 5:20! All the trains were pretty crappy yesterday so I decided it would be better to leave earlier just in case. I started my morning with my usual Cookies & Cream Quest Bar, Coffee and an apple for some pre-race fuel. Gotta do what works for you!

IMG_6480 IMG_6483

Selfies before the race 🙂

I got there around 6:45 and waited around for awhile. Then I did some dynamic stretching before my friend who I knew was racing met up with me. We headed to the long bathroom line and then headed to our corrals.

Once I got to my corral I took some Black Cherry Gu Chomps for a little more fuel. I also wore my Nathan Hydration belt with Fruit Punch Nuun in the water bottles.

This was my first race that I didn’t have music to listen to. I have completely stopped running with my iPod and I decided that I should race the same way that I train.

I felt pretty good as we started. I thought I was going at a regular pace for me but after Mile 1 I saw that I ran it in 9:37!! I felt good at that pace so I decided to keep on trucking. It took a little bit of time to get used to hearing other people’s breathing and the not so beautiful views haha. But after I got used to all that I felt good. And so did my Splits:

1- 9:37

2- 9:26

3- 9:23

4- 9:14

5- 9:08 (took my Gu here)

6- 8:59

OH yeaaa negative splits the first 6 miles!!!

7- 9:17

8- 9:15

9- 9:13

(negative split from there!)

10- 9:20

Official Time: 1:33:38!!! Average Pace: 9:22!!!

Towards the last miles I did grab water so that slowed me down a little. I def think it was great to have my water belt because I could drink when I wanted and I didn’t need to stop for water. I also grabbed a gatorade around mile 7/8 because I was feeling tired.

I cannot believe I maintained that pace for 10 miles! I think all the speed work is really helping!!!

After the race my friend and her friend grabbed brunch in the city because who doesn’t love brunch after a long run!

IMG_6496 image1

Veggie & Cheese Omelette with Sweet Potato fries and chocolate milk!! Delicious!


And a nice piece of metal!

One more race for guaranteed entry to the 2015 NYC Marathon (and the 2015 NYC Half!)

Hard work pays off! I work hard to maintain my running, cross train, build muscle and fuel properly- and the feeling I get when I cross that finish line feels so great!!!

Hope you all enjoy the rest of this beautiful day!




4 thoughts on “Bronx 10 Miler Recap!

  1. Ummm whoa I need to catch up on blogs!! Haha but i am SO PROUD of you, love. You are so freaking inspiring and your passion for running is amazing. You ROCKED the Bronx!!! All your hard work is definitely paying off!! Cant wait to see you soon!! 🙂 xoxo

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