Weekly Workouts 3!

Happy Sunday Readers! Hope you enjoyed the weekend. He is a recap of my workouts this week!


 Mondays are super tough and stressful at work so getting a good workout is necessary for my mind and soul. I don’t have a ton of time to lift before 5:30 spin, so doing a “full body” workout with choices from my new book works out sooo nicely for me! I don’t feel crunched to get my lifting in and I feel like I am def getting a great workout in!

Warm-up- Split Jacks, Low Side to Side Lunges, Walking Knee Hugs

Core- Mountain Climbers with hands on a Swiss ball (3×12), Reverse Crunches (3×12)

Glutes/Hams- Sumo Deadlift with a 40lb barbell (3×12)

Upper Back- 40 lb. Barbell Rows (3×12)

Quads- Swiss Ball Body-weight wall squat (I ended up holding a 10 lb. plate to make it a little more challenging) (3×12)

Chest- Push ups with hands on Medicine Ball (this was tough!!!) (3×12)

Triceps- Swiss Ball Overhead Tricep Extension, Tricep Pull Downs (3×12), Tricep Dips with two benches (3×12)


Then a fun and sweaty spin class! My Monday instructor is not as amazing as my Friday- but it is great cross training and still a very big sweat!


I had Back to School night at work so I packed up my running gear and brought it to work with me. After school I ran 7 miles (up some very hilly areas) and then headed to the gym near work to shower and be ready for Back to School night. Since I’m not familiar with the area (running wise) I decided to go at an easy pace and make it a nice recovery from the Bronx 10 Miler. I also had to take it slow because they don’t have sidewalks where I work which can make it for a death trap on some areas with cars zooming by!


Brooks ——> Louboutins. I think I like my sneakers better. My how people change! 🙂


Despite being totally exhausted from a late night at work I still hit up the gym because I knew it would make me feel great!

I decided to do two exercises per muscle group and I alternated between each exercise.

Warm-up- Walking High Kicks, Jumping Jacks, Leg Swings

Core- Wide stance plank with opposite arm & leg lift (3×12) these were TOUGHHHH!! Alternating sit-ups (3×12)

Quads- Sumo Squat with 25 lb. dumbbell (3×12), 20 lb. Dummbell Split Squats (3×12)

Lats- Underhand Grip Lat Pulldown (3×12), Close-Grip Lat Pulldown (3×12)

Glutes/Hams- Single Leg Hip Raise with foot on a Bosu Ball (3×12), Hip Raise with head on a Bosu Ball (3×12)

Shoulders- 25lb. Weight Plate Front Raise (3×12), 12.5 lb. Dumbbelll Diagonal Raise (3×12)

Biceps- Twisting Standing 17.5 lb. Dumbbell Curl (3×12), Static Curls 20 lb. Dumbbell (3×12)

Ended with stretching and foamrolling- gotta take care of those muscles folks!


 I drive up and down this hill leaving Hoboken almost every day and I always say that I want to run up the hill. So I did it!


I took a 1.5 mile easy paced warm up run there. Then ran up that beastly half a mile hill three times at threshold pace and ran down for recovery. I then did about 3-4 miles home for about 7.5 mile run! I wanted to get to 8 but I made it to my front door and I was tired and hungry and it was time to end. Sometimes it’s good to just listen to your body and not overdo it (even though that is very hard).


 Talk about a Friday night sweat session. Body Pump 91 followed by a TOUGH spin class.

Here is the proof:


PS I upped my squat weight to 45 lbs.! My only issue is after squatting through the whole track I find it super hard to lift the barbell over my head at the end. I try to lift with my legs but I still hit my head/neck often :-/


 Active Rest Day: I went food shopping & meal prepped and took a yoga class and foam rolled. Perfect gross Rainy Day. Yoga was at the uptown gym so I had a nice soaking wet mile walk there and back.

image3 image4

Rainy Day walk back:



 I woke up nice and early and headed out the door just at sunrise for my long run. It was pretty cold out, I had compression socks, shorts, a tech t-shirt, and a baseball hat. I kind of think I could have used gloves or maybe a long sleeve shirt, as it was pretty cold and super windy along the water.

I went out thinking I wanted to run 16 miles. I don’t know why but I just did.


YUP! I did it! The 0.65 was because I needed to get into the warmth.

This run just felt great. I had a tiny bit of right quad soreness so I stopped a couple of times to stretch but other than that I felt amazing. I took two Gus along the way one at mile 7 and 12 and I had my Water Belt filled with fruit punch Nuun in each bottle.

I cannot believe I ran 16 miles. Like who am I?! It just feels so amazing. Running has completely changed my life for the better and I am so thankful for it.

Oh PS stay tuned for my WIAW so I can fill you in on my eats after that run. 16 miles=hungry the rest of the day!

What was your favorite workout this week? 16 miler and Friday night spin for me!


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