WIAW 4: Overripe Bananas, Long Run Food, and Parsnips!

Happy Hump Day! Here is a wide variety of all my random eats this week! Thanks Jenn for hosting the WIAW party!

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For some reason after my weight lifting last week I was HANGRY! I had eaten my egg on the drive home, had dinner when I got home but was still Starvin’ Marvin so I decided to make a big ol’ bowl of ice cream.


Cookies & Cream Arctic Zero, Salted Caramel Arctic Zero, Coconut Butter, TJs Chocolate covered bananas, some other random frozen fruit, and a Speculoos cookie. Hunger = cured. 😉

Breakfast one day:


Overnight oats made with raisins and raisin peanut butter!

I bought this new to me flavor Quest Bar- Peanut Butter Supreme. Delicious, it did not disappoint!

IMG_6531 IMG_6532



Another Arctic Zero Creation: Coconut and Orange Cream, Almond Butter, Strawberries, Chocolate Chips and Speculoos Cookies!


Enjoying a smoothie and blog reading 😉


I bought this AMAZING tea from Trader Joes! I am obsessed with it!!


On the very rainy Saturday this past weekend my friend and I went to a café that we wanted to try in Hoboken: Café La Bouche.

image6 image7

I have to say, I probably wouldn’t go back. First of all I wanted soup with my salad and they said they weren’t serving soup yet this season although it was on the menu. They didn’t have decaf coffee and this was my salad:


That chicken- ew. I think it was made from chemicals. There were also flies flying around the restaurant. Although it was cute in there, I will never be going back.

After that disappointing meal I headed home for meal prep!

My meal this week is SO delicious!

Ingredients: Roasted Parsnips (roast them in the oven at 350 for about 20-30 minutes)





Boiled Shredded Chicken

Whole Wheat Soba Noodles

And this concoction: one Fage Greek Yogurt, some pumpkin, some milk, two Laughing Cow Swiss Cheeses, and some cinnamon. Yummy!!


Mix it all together in a pan and here ya go!

image14 image15

SO yummy! Great Fall dish, I highly recommend trying it!

I changed up my salads this week, I did black beans, raisins, beets, carrots, spinach, tomato and avocado.


I also prepped eggs, butternut squash, roasted carrots, roasted Brussel sprouts and sweet potatoes.

I had bought this gigantic squash at the Farmer’s Market after Yoga

image16 image17

Later on I had two overripe bananas staring at me so I decided to make these muffins:


I added chocolate chips to the recipe but other than that I followed it exactly! I brought them to my family and to work for everyone to enjoy!

Oh and I enjoyed them too with my TJs tea 😉


After my 16 miler on Sunday I wanted ALL the food! When I got back to my apartment before I even stretched I blended a banana with milk and some almond milk. I wanted to refuel my muscles ASAP before I stretched and showered.


After that I made my real meal:

image23 image22

Eggy Pumpkin Oatmeal made with 3 whole eggs. 16 miles means you need a lot to refuel!

After that I headed up to my parents house. I was hungry again so we decided to go out for lunch:


Whole wheat wrap with veggies, mozzarella, and chicken with a side salad.

Later on we had an awesome dinner:

IMG_6582 IMG_6583

Baked chicken and peaches with a cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger sauce. I had some left over sweet potatoes so I had those and the left over squash/onion sautee that I had to along with this awesome dish.

One last “eat:”


Coconut Overnight Oats. Half a cup of oatmeal, almond milk, one Fage Greek yogurt , chia seeds, coconut flakes and coconut peanut butter. It wasn’t super coconutty but it was still delicious!

Phew!!! What a post. I do a lot of good eating, don’t I? 😉

Be sure to check out what everyone else is eating today!





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