Weekly Workouts Part 4!

Hello Readers! Here is a round up of this week’s workouts!


I was shocked that I felt so great after running 16.65 miles! So I went to the gym for my whole body weight lifting and spin. I got out of work late but still managed to get my workout in before spin.

Warm-up- Reverse Lunges, Split Jacks, and High Kicks

Core- Side plank with knee tuck (30 sec. for each side) and 16 lb core ball Russian Twists (3×12)

Glues & Hams- Rotational Dumbbell Straight Leg Dead-lift 3 x12

Upper Back- Underhand-Grip Rear Lateral Raise (with dumbbell) 3 x12

Quads- Goblet Squats with 25 lb. Dumbbell 3×12

Chest- Swiss-ball Dumbbell Fly 3×12

Triceps- Swiss-ball Dumbbell Lying Tricep Exstensions & Tricep Dips 3 x12

Speedy and Quick Full Body workout! Probably took me about 50 minutes! Then my spin class was perfect recovery for a 16 miler. He had us increase resistance mostly out of the saddle, which was welcomed by my legs!


 I have been following a bunch of people from the running team NYC Instarunners and this one girl had posted about group runs in Hoboken. I am always looking to meet runners so I decided to go for it! They meet at 7 which later for me so I decided to drink this Vega Protein Pre-workout drink (it was in the box that I won from The Feed) before I headed out:

IMG_6588 IMG_6589

It definitely made me speedy and it was a good pick me up after a long day. A VERY LONG DAY (as I started my day with getting pulled over and getting a ticket- yes, ugh, maybe I will elaborate another time).

Anyway since I wanted to get some speed work in I decided to do a tempo run before I met up with the group. I warmed up the first mile then worked at threshold pace for 3 miles, with some nice negative splits!


I then met up with the group for a 4 mile run at easy pace. We had tunes and talked and just had a great time! I am looking forward to meeting up with them again!


 It was great to not feel rushed for my workout. I left work at a pretty early time and headed to the gym by work.

Full Body Workout again: (LOVE LOVE LOVE my book of workouts!)

Warm-up- Jumping Jacks, High Knees, Side Lunges

Core- Incline Reverse Crunch 3×12, Decline Sit-up 3×12

Quads- Cross Arm Barbell Front Squat (30 lbs.) 3×12, Barbell Split Squats (35 lbs.) 3×12

Lats- 30 degree Lat Pulldown (60 lbs.) 3×12, Wide Grip Lat Pulldown (60 lbs.) 3×12

Glutes & Hams- Dumbbell Dead-lift (25 lb. Dumbbells) 3×12, Dumbbell Straight-Leg Dead-lift (25 lb. Dumbbells) 3×12

Shoulders- Dumbbell Push Press (15 lbs.) 3×12, 25 lb. Weight Plate Front Raise

Biceps- Hammer Curl to Press (15 lb. dumbbells) 3×12, Twisting Standing Dumbbells (17.5 lb. dumbbell) 3×12

Stretching & Foam Rolling to follow


I have to say, I am really seeing definition in my quads!


 By Thursday I was just mentally exhausted. It was a tough week at work and just draining. But I laced up my sneakers and went out for my run anyway. I set out for 8 and did 7.4. I was just so tired, my body felt okay but I just was too sleepy to do anymore.


Oh and my outfit matched the plants haha.


 Awesome Body Pump and Spin! It can be hard to workout on a Friday night but boy do I feel amazing afterwards.

I also went into Jack Rabbit in the city for the first time. I had a few minutes before I needed to head into the gym and since it’s right next door I figured I would stock up on some more fuel:


Cannot wait to try the Chocolate Peanut Butter!


 Active rest day: I had to head to the city to get my bib for the Staten Island Half tomorrow so I took a yoga class, did food shopping and meal prep. I love making a rest day still purposeful and not just a day to lounge around.


Stay Tuned…. Staten Island Half Marathon Recap!


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