Staten Island Half Recap: Big PR!!

Yes!! I PRed and I am running the 2015 NYC Marathon (and the 2015 NYC Half!!)


So here is my recap!


All my stuff laid out the night before.

I woke up at a normal time (5am) because I decided to drive to Staten Island instead of dealing with the ferry, etc.


I left my apartment around 6:30 and got there by like 7:20. I parked in a Parking Garage and hung out there until about 7:40 to stay warm.


Cold car selfie! My eyes look kinda creepy haha!

I then headed to the Yankee Stadium (minor league) and waited on a super long bathroom line. I kept getting funny looks and I realized it was because I had a Mets beanie on (haha that I planned to throw away) in a Yankee Stadium. I also wore a long sleeve tee and gloves to throw away (thanks Dad for advising me to do this haha).

I got to my corral around 8:15 and I was glad that I brought those throw aways, it was chilly! I ditched my shirt before we started but kept the hat and gloves until about Mile 1.

The course is an out and back race which is great mentally because you have a good idea of what to expect on the way back. There were only a few hills so it was really a great course.

I saw that I ran the first mile at 9:32 and knew that I could maintain that pace so I kept it up.

Here are my splits:














BOOM! 1:59:58. I secretly had been wishing to finish under 2 hours but didn’t really want to say it out loud! I cannot believe I did it! My last half marathon (in May) I finished in 2:17:43! I cannot believe how much of my time I shaved off!! I really attribute it to all my speed work!


I said my mantra “Hills make us stronger” up every hill and the last 3 miles I told myself I was doing this to finish strong to get into the Marathon! (not that I needed any time but just saying the faster I finished the quicker I would get to the finish!)

My watch also says I ran my fastest 5K and 10k:

image8 image7


Finisher Pics:



image2 image1


Beautiful Medal:


Post Race Brunch with my family in Jersey City:

image5 image4

Chocolate Milk, Broccolini/Caramelized Onion/Proscuitto/Gruyere Cheese Omelette and some amazing home fries on the side.

What an amazing day! I feel so blessed to have come so far.

I am running the 2015 NYC Marathon.

Here I come!!!!!


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