Weekly Workouts 4: Having to pee at yoga is no fun.

Haha I will get to my title in a minute! Here is my weekly workout recap!


Even though I got out of work late again- I still got in my full body weight lifting in before Spin!

Warm-up: Split Jacks, Reverse Lunge with Reach Backs, Walking High Knees

Core: Wide stance plank with leg lift 3×12, Swiss-ball jackknife 3×12

Glues & Hams: Lateral Band walks across the room and back 3×12

Upper Back: Rear Lateral raise with 15 lb. Dumbbells 3×12

Quads: Leg Press Machine 3 x12 at 100 lbs. Leg Extension Machine 3 x 12 at 90lbs.

Chest: Neutral Grip Dumbbell Bench Press 3 x12 at 17.5 lb. dumbbells

Triceps: Bench Dips 3×12, EZ Bar Skull Crushers 3 x12 at 30 lbs.

Then a sweaty spin class!


It was a gorgeous day!! Almost 80 degree weather- I will gladly take it! So I decided to head to the track for speed work!


2.5 mile warm up

Ladder Workout: 1 lap at threshold pace, recover, 2 laps at threshold pace, recover, 3 laps at threshold pace, recover, 2 laps at threshold pace, recover, 1 lap at threshold pace.

2.5 mile cool down

8.25 total miles 🙂


Headed to the gym after work:


Warm-up: jacks, walking knee hugs, side to side lunges

Core- Side Plank with Reach under 3×12 each side, V-ups 3×12

Quads- Barbell Squat with heels raised 3×12, Barbell Side Lunge 3×12 (this was tough!!)

Lats- 30 Degree Lat Pulldown 3×12, Regular Lat Pulldown 3×12

Glutes & Hams- Swiss-Ball Hip Raise and Leg Curl 3×12, Swiss-Ball Reverse Hip Raise 3×12

Shoulders- Cable Exertional Rotation 3×12, 45 degree Cable Exertional Rotation 3×12. A trainer at the gym saw me doing this and gave me advice to use a towel between my arm and core to give myself some more stability when doing this exercise.

Biceps- Isolated Bicep Curls 3×12, Standing Dumbbell Curl 3×12

Thursday- Gorgeous 8.5 Miler


 Friday- Sweaty Body Pump & Spin

Saturday- A GLORIOUS 16.5 miles!!!

I went out thinking I would do 14/15 but I had the stamina and felt great so I went for it. I cannot believe that I have the stamina and my body can run that far.


I started at around 7 and saw the gorgeous sunrise. The weather was beautiful, perfect tank and shorts weather.

I got to test my Chocolate and Peanut butter Gu along the way and it was delicious, I will def be buying that flavor again.


Fabulous Long Run Saturday!


10 Minutes of Foam Rolling:


75 Minute which really was like 85 Minute Vinyasa Yoga in which I had to pee really bad in the middle and got up to go when they were doing handstands. Thank god I decided to go pee since the woman went way over! Haha sorry for the TMI, I know you all care!


I hope you all enjoyed your weekly workouts!

What was your favorite workout this week? My 16.5 Miler and my Speed Work on Tuesday!

What is your favorite GU Flavor? Peanut butter, Chocolate Peanut Butter and Salted Caramel for me!





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