Weekly Workouts 6: An Amazing Weekend!!!!

Before I recap my weekend here are my weekly workouts!


 I finally got out of work on time so I headed to the gym for a full body workout before spin. I know I keep saying this but this book: has changed my life. I am constantly trying different workouts and changing it up!

Warm-up: Walking heel to butt, jumping jacks, and reverse lunge with reach back

Core: Side Plank (30 second on each side x 3)- I had originally planned to try this with my elbow on a Swiss-ball, however that was literally impossible (my core is getting stronger but I guess not strong enough for this!) and I did planks on a Swiss-ball for one minute x 3.

Glutes & Hams: Barbell Good Mornings (30 lbs) 3×12

Upper Back: Barbell Row (40 lbs) 3×12

Quads: Zercher Squats with Barbell (30 lbs) 3×12

Chest: Incline Dumbbbel Bench Press (15 lb. dumbbells) 3×12

Triceps: Alternating Dumbbell Lying Tricep Extensions (12 lb. dumbbells) 3×12 each side plus 12 bench dips in between each set

Then a sweaty spin class!


 I planned to meet up for a 4-mile group run again in Hoboken at 7, so I decided to do a tempo run before hand to get some speed work in. I ran a mile to warm up then 3 miles at supposed to be tempo pace (9:30), unfortunately I had to stop a few time because my compartment syndrome in my ankle was acting up, it even made my knee hurt! It’s SO annoying. I must have been running in a weird form and just couldn’t get out of that funk. So my pace was more like 9:40ish for the 3 miles.

IMG_6751 IMG_6757

After that I met up with the fun crew for 4 more miles at an easy pace filled with singing, dancing, and fun! I am so excited to have met some fun runners- I am hoping to join some of their NYC runs soon too!


I headed to the gym by work for a fun full body workout (all picked from my fabulous book!)

Warm-up: Split jacks, low side to side lunges, walking high knees


  1. Extended Plank 30 sec. x 3
  2. Swiss-ball Jackknife- 2 sets of 15
  3. Single Leg Side Plank 30 sec each side x 2

Quads: Dumbbell Front Squats (this is hard! I used 12.5 lbs) 3×12 and Overhead Dumbbell Split Squats (this was hard too, started with 12.5 and last set used 10) 3×12

Lats: Wide Grip Lat Pull Down (70 lbs) 3×12, and Close Grip Lat Pull Down (80 lbs.) 3×12

Glutes & Hams: Single Leg Hip Raise with head on a Swiss-ball (this was tough!!) 3×12 and Single Leg Swiss-ball Hip Raise and Leg Curl 3×12

Shoulders: Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press (15 lbs.) 3×12, 5 lb. Plate Rotator work

Biceps: Split Stance Offset Pinky Dumbbell Curl (15 lbs.) 3×12 and Seated Reverse Dumbbell Curl (17.5 lbs)

A great workout and different from the last! Always fun to “spice it up!!”


Foam rolling selfie 🙂


 It was cold and windy and even rainy and I really did not want to go for a run. I really was thinking about taking a class at the gym but with the timing and I needed to pick up my bib for my race I went anyway.

8 cold miles. Nothing special. Just ran.

IMG_6765 IMG_6766

Now on to my title!!


My friend from work invited me to a Spin-a-thon to raise money for Chron’s Disease at her gym. I met her at Lifetime (that is the name of the gym) that afternoon we did a Spartacus workout from my book before the spin-a-thon.

1. Goblet Squat with Dumbbell

2. Mountain Climbers

3. Single Arm Dumbbell Swing

4. T-Push-ups

5. Dumbbell Split Jumps

6. Dumbbell Rows

7. Dumbbell Side Lunge and Touch

8. Pushup Position Row

9. Dumbbell Lunge and Rotation

10. Dumbbell Push Press

You do each exercise for 60 seconds and do the routine 3 times. We had time for 2 and a half rounds which was awesome! It was so fun working out with a friend!!

Now let’s just discuss the amazing-ness of this gym (aka a Country Club). I literally was drooling the whole time (yes I am a dork).


They have a cafe. A CAFE! You can buy Quest Bars and Smart Bars and Smoothies and Breakfast and Lunch and Dinner and IT’S A CAFE IN A GYM!!!

IMG_6772 IMG_6771

We picked up our weights off of a marble countertop. Yes marble. (forgot to take a pic). The lockers were made of mahogany wood (sorry no pic)

Look at the wood floors.

IMG_6775 IMG_6774 IMG_6773

Pools/Jacuzzi (oh this is just the indoor pool- there is an outdoor one too no worries).

IMG_6783 IMG_6782 IMG_6781

Just gorgeous.

So then we headed into this beautiful spin room. Each bike had this tracker so you could see your RPMs and miles.


The class was really awesome. Throughout the whole class the spin instructor kept cheering me on and a few times he told me to turn my resistance down. Towards the end of the class he told the whole class to turn up one full turn except for me!

After the class he came up to me and gave me a huge compliment and said that I was exhausting him throughout the class! He couldn’t believe that I could keep up my cadence up along with the amount of resistance that I had on! It felt so great to get such a nice compliment! I have to give credit to my Friday night Spin teacher who really pushes us!


This was my total excitement being there!!


 I planned to run the HoBOOken 5k which started at 10, so I decided to do some miles before to make it a long run! I did 10 before plus the 5k which turned it into a nice half marathon. My time was: 30:47:43, which is great for after running 10 miles! I also met up with a girl that I have met through instagram and she placed 2nd in her age group! It was so fun to hang with her and watch her receive her award!

IMG_6794 IMG_6790

Racing selfies




My stuff all laid out



Pics during the race






The swag bag from the race!


This morning I had a 5k for Breast Cancer Awareness. I got all decked out in pink and ran with a co-worker.


We said we wouldn’t race it and I really wanted to make it a recovery run but then the race mindset got the best of me and we went faster than recovery pace. My official time was 27:53:38 and I came in 33rd place in the race and 3rd in my age group!!! That time is actually is my PR from the Giant’s Stadium 5k! I actually talked with my friend the whole time! I cannot believe I placed/sort of PRed!!! I feel so blessed and excited!!


I recovered with some stretching and my first Epsom salt bath, it felt amazing!!


Wow! 32 miles this week and a bunch of fun workouts!

Next week is the Marathon Dash to the Finish Line 5k and Volunteering at the Marathon!! Can’t wait to be there and feel the “Spirit of the Marathon” in the air!











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