WIAW 7: I just love to eat!

Happy WIAW everyone! I hope you all have been enjoying some delicious eats as I have this week. Don’t you just love to eat? 🙂

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Post 13 miler:


Banana, raisin, cinnamon raisin peanut butter 3 egg oatmeal, literally this is my new fav breakfast.


Pumpkin overnight oats and a banana with some creamyyyy almond butter.

Workout Fuel/Snacks:

After the Spin-a-thon I knew I needed something to tie me over on the drive home (so glad I did because I hit traffic at 8:30 at night) so I mixed this Vanilla Vega Protein Powder that I got from my The Feed giveaway with coconut water. YUMMY! This was the first time I actually enjoyed a protein shake. I would definitely recommend this flavor and brand!


I realized that this protein bar I had from the Stone Fox Fit even was about to expire so I tried it. It was pretty nasty but it did the job. Quest bars for life! 😉

image3 image2

Ants on a log, because honestly how great is this snack!!??


I’ve been having these before my group run (to A. keep me awake and B. hold me over until a later dinner).



Salads prepped for the week.


A yummy big salad made at my parent’s house: lettuce, red kidney beans, eggs, carrots, tomatoes, raisins and broccoli.


While meal prepping I needed some fuel so I mixed a can of Tuna with the TJ’s guac and it was a delicious combo! I also had some broccoli and a sweet potato with almond butter on the side. Yes. Weird. But so good.



I read this article on Buzz Feed and it inspired me to make my own version of Sweet Potato Chili.

Recipe: In a pan sautee TJs Mirepoix mix, then add ground turkey and cook it all up. Next add in diced sweet potatoes that were previously boiled. Mix in TJs cowboy caviar and voila you have easy Sweet Potato Chilli. Serve with this TJs Guac on top or mixed all in!

IMG_6807 IMG_6808

IMG_6805 FullSizeRender

Here is a pic of my whole meal prep! Being prepared is just the best way to go, it makes your life so much easier and you are ready to make healthy choices.


On Saturday I went out to another diner with my parents (we are quite the diner folks lately!) This was the Portobello salad with Portobello mushrooms, chicken, mixed greens, feta and tomatoes. It was delicious!!


On Sunday I was at my parents house and I decided to cook for everyone. I was in the mood for a Fall dish so we bought whole chicken cut up and roasted it in the oven. I then made this chutney/sauce: boil cider and honey, then add in sliced apples that were microwaved with honey and cinnamon (3 minutes), let the apples get even softer then mash it all up. Pour over the cooked baked chicken. We served it with roasted brussel sprouts and mashed sweet potatoes! Yummy fall dinner!

IMG_6836 IMG_6835

On Monday I met my friend at Grand Lux and had to get the Manhattan Salad, which I am still obsessed with!



Fro-yo with the family on Saturday night- same combo as last weekend because it was so good! Pumpkin & cake batter with fresh fruit, Reese’s, granola, and peanut butter drizzled over.


One night I really was in a pumpkin mood, so I just took my left over pumpkin, added in some pumpkin butter and mixed in crushed Speculoos cookies- such a yummy treat!


Grapes and two chocolate-covered banana slices with coconut butter.


Chocolate covered bananas with creamy almond butter on top.


And that’s a wrap for WIAW!

Tell me your favorite food this week!!


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