NYC Marathon!!

Happy Marathon Day!!!

This morning I had the true pleasure to volunteer at the NYC Marathon.

I got into the city around 7am and headed to the Fieldston School by Central Park and picked up my official volunteer badge and this sweet jacket (that we get to keep)!IMG_6936 IMG_6937

Then we headed over to our post for the morning.


Fred’s statue by the start!

When we got there we had to stuff thousands and thousands of food bags with fresh apples. It was quite the tough job but so fun just hanging with a bunch of people all there to volunteer for a great day!


We took a break midway through to meet all the volunteers in our group!


Then it was time to see some of the cyclists come in! It was so cool to give them their food bags!


Giving out my first bag of the day!

Then we could see the elite runners come in!! They didn’t come and get food bags from us but it was still cool to see them from far away!


Then waves and waves of runners came and we just continued to hand out the bags. It was so inspiring and emotional to see their faces as we congratulated them. Some people cried, some were about to faint, and some looked like they just ran a weekday run! I was just so overwhelmed by the inspiring and positive energy. What an amazing experience.

Can’t wait to cross that finish line next year!

CONGRATS to all the marathoners today! You are truly incredible!


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