WIAW 8: Meal prep, lasagna, and brownies

Happy WIAW everyone! I hope you have been enjoying a week filled with delicious and nutritious food!


After an 8 mile run with a co-worker I tried this recovery drink that I received in my Feed box:

IMG_6865 IMG_6864

I mixed it with coconut water and it was really tasty! An orange, mango, coconut drink that held me over until dinner time!

Here are some pics of my meal prep this week:


Salads for lunch: beets, avocado, grilled  chicken, tomatoes, carrots, white kidney beans, and spinach.

IMG_6924 image1

My meal this week is delicious and simple to make! Sautee leeks (I accidentally left them in my fridge when I bought them for a recipe that my dad was cooking, so I needed to use them) I’m sure an onion would work too. Anyway sautee leeks, mushrooms, and three zucchini squash in a pan. Then add in two packages of TJs Italian Chicken Sausage. Cook Quinoa on the side and voila, a simple, healthy and yummy meal!


ALL the food. Meal prep is so pretty, isn’t it? 🙂

Later on I needed to use two very ripe bananas and wanted to bake for my mama’s birthday so I did some googling and found this recipe.

Instead of chocolate chips I used TJs Peanut Butter Chips, because isn’t banana, chocolate and peanut butter the best combo EVER? I also had to add in more milk because mymixture came out quite dry.


image4 image5

They were not super sweet but rather very dense and moist brownies. I enjoyed them and I think my family did too!








With a hot cup of TJs Herbal Blend Tea and Grapes.




For my mama’s birthday dinner on Sunday we had a home cooked meal of lasagna (totally had two helpings- so good) and some salad on the side for good measure. 😉



We are planning to take her out to dinner Saturday night to celebrate for real!

And that is what I have been eating this week! Be sure to check out what everyone else is eating this week!

What is your favorite Italian dish? I love Gnocchi with a Sage and Butter Sauce and Penne with Vodka Sauce


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