Weekly Workouts and Fueling Your Body

Hello Readers! I know last week I missed my weekly round up of workouts. Hopefully you enjoyed my race and marathon recaps instead! 🙂 Here are my workout recaps along with some fueling pics. Working out and being fueled is super important! There was def a time in my life when I didn’t fuel correctly or didn’t fuel at all. When we put our bodies through a lot we need to nourish and care for them!!


I had night conferences so I decided to join the 5am workout club. I slept at my parents house woke up at 4 had a quest bar, apple, and coffee and headed out the door around 4:40.

I did a full body workout with workouts from my amazing book. I even had some extra time so I worked my quads on the quad machines too.


After that I showered and got ready for work. I ate breakfast in the car and began my LONG work day that lasted until 9pm.

It felt great to get my workout in that early but I definitely was exhausted by the afternoon. I made coffee to keep me going during night conferences. All in all, eh would I do it again, SURE! Would I do it every week, probably not. I have figured out working out after work, which doesn’t leave me exhausted. I need my 8 hours of sleep and the 5am workout club won’t allow me to get that.


 It was a beautiful evening, weather in the high 60s and just a great night for a run. I had some watermelon chomps before I headed out the door- yummy flavor! I like to have these before my Tuesday group run to tie me over to dinner.


I always want my quest bar and apple right after school so I feel like I need something in my body when I head out the door around 6.

I got in a gorgeous 4 mile run then met up with the “group” at the Hoboken Running Store. Although it was just me and my one friend because everyone else was still recovering from the NYC Marathon, we had a blast and represented the crew well for a great 4 mile run! Totaling 8 miles for the night! I am so excited to have met new running friends!!!



Since I knew I had off the next day, I decided to treat myself (and change it up) to a different workout since I could handle staying up a little later. I headed to the Bayonne NYSC, which seems pretty new and very nice! They even have a pool! The only thing I didn’t like is that they charged you for towels? I don’t really get why but luckily I had a towel in my gym bag.


I took Body Pump 55 which means it also includes Bis & Tris which I don’t do on Friday nights. The Bis & Tris track is awesome and such a great workout. I also took a 45 minute spin class to follow to make it for a fun and sweaty Wednesday night!


I actually slept in until 7am on my day off!! Yes- that is sleeping in for me! I enjoyed some coffee, Fitness Magazine and my compression socks for a little while.


Then I got all geared up for a rainy day run. I wantedddd to do speed work but once I got outside I realized this just wasn’t the day for it. It just felt like a day to enjoy some miles and go at a pace my body wanted. Which was around a 10:00 pace. Nice and easy pace to recover from a night of squats and spinning. It’s important to listen to what your legs want and they wouldn’t have been happy with me if I did speed work.


I think running in the rain was most enjoyable because I had my TCS NYC Marathon Volunteer jacket on!


 Pre-workout Snack:


Apple and a Broiled Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Quest Bar because I was off so I had time to broil it and sit down and enjoy it rather than scarf it down in the car. SOOOOO GOOD!!! Like it is just the best treat ever.

 45 minutes of Body Pump and 45 Minutes of Spin! This class was TOUGH. She had us climb a hill for 30 minutes; we really worked it!!! Melissa (my spin instructor) is just the best!!!


Unplanned Rest Day- my poor mama had to go to the hospital for emergency surgery, not to worry, she is doing much better now! So I ran up to my parents house around 7am after waking up to all the texts about what was going on. It was a long day of waiting around and being with her. She has been going through a lot and hopefully she is on the road to recovery! (I did manage to get some food shopping and meal prep done among all the craziness!)


I woke up around 6:30 after a much needed night of rest. I was STARVING, and I think it was because my meals/snacking were all off from a day at the hospital. I still ate all my meal, snacks but the timing was all off so I am sure that attributed to my hunger.

I decided to fuel for my long run with a Quest Bar, Apple and a slice of bread and peanut butter. I knew I wanted to go a good distance and knew that my body was asking for the fuel.


I saw something on Instagram that said every time you get a chance to eat it is a chance to nourish your body. If your body is calling for food, it’s a nice reminder that your metabolism is working and it wants to be fed. 🙂


After my breakfast I headed to a local park by my parents to set out for my long run. With everything with my mom, stress at work, and some friendship things going on I have had a ton on my mind. I went out fast and kept it fast for most of the run. I kept a 10 minute pace but mostly teetered around 9:45 (I did stop at the bathroom once and stopped to take a pic). I think that the fast pace was due to all that was on my mind and from the total rest day the day before.

I took two Gus during the run and also had this new to me Gu Brew to stay hydrated. I really enjoyed the Strawberry Lemonade Flavor and this doesn’t have artificial sweetener and didn’t taste as fake at Nuun can at times.


It was a gorgeous and therapeutic 15-mile run. I needed it and I felt amazing the whole time.

IMG_7030 image12

After the run I had a banana and water and stretched in the park.


Then came home, showered and then made delicious three-eggy pumpkin raisin oatmeal!


That’s a wrap on my workouts this week!

How do you fuel before/after your workouts?

 Favorite workout this week? My 15 miler and my 4 miler with my friend on Tuesday!


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