Weekly Workouts: Stress Reliever

Hello Readers! I hope you all have been enjoying this week! As I mentioned last week I have been going through some family, friendship and work stress and to me the best way to work it all out is to work out! It’s so easy to push the workouts aside and say we are too busy but now I have realized it’s important to try and get those workouts in for yourself. It helps relieve stress and makes you feel better in general. Even if it’s just 15 minutes! Get a little sweat in and you will feel great!


I headed to the gym by work for a full body workout that took me 45 minutes! Score!

Warm-up: Side lunges, high knee kicks, and jumping jacks.

Core: V-ups with a 10 lb. Core Ball, Mountain Climbers on a Bosu Ball

Quads/Hams: Single Leg Lifts on Bosu Ball

Upper Back: Single Leg Rows with 20 lb. Dumbbell

Quads: Quad Lifting Machine

Chest: Horizontal Chest Presses

Tris: 30 lb. EZ-Bar Skull Crushers & Dips

Then a sweaty spin class for 45 minute, this guy really only makes us use resistance out of the saddle which is welcomed by long run legs on a Monday haha


 Before my group run I always do 4 miles beforehand because I can’t wait around that long to go out for a run. My four miles ended up being a tempo run! (haha stress relief fast pace??). I ran at about a 10:30 pace to warm up then 3 miles with negative splits below 9:30- yay for unplanned speed work!

Then I met up with the group for 4 fun-music-dancing filled run with awesome people!


 I headed to the gym for great full body strength training workout! I love lifting! 🙂image51

Sweaty Gym Selfie 🙂


Since the weather got really chilly, I bundled up to go out for my run after work. While I was waiting for my Garmin to find the location, I noticed that it was starting to rain, which was totally unexpected. I went out for 8 miles and it ended up raining the whole run! I decided not to focus on any speed work since Tuesday turned into a tempo run and to be honest, I just wasn’t feeling it. I was just in the mood to run, run, run! 🙂


45 minutes of Body Pump followed by an awesome 45 minute Sweaty Spin class! We did 3 Hills consisting of speed, power and tabata in each. It was such a great class (as always)!


I got up bright and early and bundled up for a gorgeous long run! It was just one of those runs where I felt great the whole time. I think I did about 15 miles even though my Garmin said 15 and a half. It was being wacky the whole time. At one point it said I did a 7:30 mile- haha NO WAY at all. I could tell it was off because where it usually says 9, it said almost 10, so it was just being wacky!



 I finally got to my favorite Sunday yoga class in Hoboken. I hadn’t been there in probably over a month or so! I love this teacher and I really feel like the whole class is made for runners!


It was a great week to relieve stress and sweat!

How did you sweat this week?

What was your favorite workout this week? 

Stay tuned… I have a fun recipe to share this week! 


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