Weekly Workouts and my thoughts on “Off Season”

Hello Readers! I hope you all had a great week working out and getting some sweat time in for yourselves! Here is a recap of my weekly workouts plus my thoughts on having an “off season” below! I would love to hear from you guys on my thoughts, feel free to leave me a comment!!


 45 Minutes of a full body workout! I continue to plan various strength-training workouts from my book for Mondays and Wednesdays.


After that I got a chance to try out my gorgeous new spin shoes that arrived! Everyone said your ride would be much different and I get it! I mean you don’t like dramatically notice a difference but I did feel like I was working harder. I think it’s because your legs are able to pull more along with pushing. I’m glad I finally invested in them.



 4 mile freezing cold run + 4 mile freezing cold run with my favorite running crew. We now meet at the Hoboken Running Co. to bag check and meet before our run. A rep from Timex came to let us test out a bunch of their watches and give us from free swag:


I was so excited because I have been looking for a rain-proof hat and some night running gear!

My thoughts on the watch: Well it never got a signal so I didn’t really use it. My Garmin got one before but since I was wearing it on the same wrist, the clunky watch knocked into my Garmin and turned it off. So to be honest, I can’t review the watch. I didn’t get to properly test it.



For some reason the weather around here decided to drastically change which makes my sinuses not a happy camper. My whole life I have had sinus issues (constant bloody noses, infections, etc.) and I think running out in the cold Tuesday plus my 150 degree dry apartment has started the sinus thing nice and early. Time to replace the filter on my humidifier and do ALL the sinus-take-care-of-things. 😉


 1 hour and 30 minutes of Strength Training with exercises from my book.


 I had a workshop in the city so I decided to make the most of being there and found a NYSC on Central Park West (hello classy NYSC haha) and I dropped my stuff off there and headed to the park for 8 gorgeous miles. I truly appreciate the fact that I can run in Central Park. It’s such a gorgeous place in a huge city!



45 minutes of Body Pump and 45 minutes of spin. This was my first time using my shoes in this class and since it is always a tough and challenging class, it made it even tougher! I was exhausted by the end of it!



 10 mileish (not fully sure because my Garmin didn’t connect) run with my new running group!! I had such a blast running around (getting lost around Jersey City haha) with this crew!!



I woke up with quite the cold- so total rest day for me, not even yoga. My body is saying take a break and I need to listen to it!!


Lately I have been reading about athletes and runners taking off seasons to help their body recover. In the past few months I have really built up my mileage (roughly 30 miles a week with just 3 runs a week), my speed (I had been doing speed work once a week until the weather started changing), and my overall fitness. Remember last year when my Physical Therapist said all my aches and pains in my knee were from my core? Well I have certainly built core strength and muscle all over in general.

I am a Super Type A girl and I follow routines, schedules and regime. It alleviates anxiety for me to be planned and prepared. However, it’s important to be flexible and changing up routines is a good thing. For the past few months I have been following the same workout schedule (changing up the workouts) and rarely shying away from it. I have also been doing pretty long runs every weekend and although feeling great, I haven’t backed off at all. Now since I am a newish runner, I don’t really know the answers to my questions. Like is it okay that I am doing these super long runs every weekend? How much mileage is okay for one week? Technically 8 mile weekly runs are kind of long, right?

For some reason I just really wanted to push myself and see how far I could go and the fact that I can do 30 miles a week is great- but I want to stay healthy and be strong for the marathon next year and NOT burn out. I’m not necessarily feeling physically or even mentally burnt out, I’ve established this routine and I’ve just been going with it. However- something (some little voice) is telling me to change it up, back off mileage and have some fun (not that I’m not having fun- but just have different fun!).

So here are some plans/thoughts I have:

-I am doing a long run with a friend on Thanksgiving (I think 12 miles).

-I am signed up for the Fred Lebow Half in January so I will maintain running fitness for that but not racing fitness (aka not worry about speed work to get faster for it, I just want to have fun at the race- I’m sure it will be freezing, not the place for a PR).

-I signed up for the NYE 4 miler to run with Jen! Again, all in good fun!

-I am going to continue running with my crew on Tuesdays but I am just going to do that, no more 4 miles before (it’s not necessary).

-My other weekday run I will keep to 4-6 miles depending on how I feel/weather.

-I think I might treat myself to a month of Class Pass to try crazy fun and different workouts in the city (like Barre and Fun Spin Party classes 🙂 )

-My friend keeps wanting me to try Step class and I am definitely going to go for it!

-I want to try some other fun classes that NYSC has to offer!

-I will continue full-body strength training because you HAVE to as a runner and I just love lifting!

-I am going to do the 9 + 1 again this year because why not?! I want to try some different races that I didn’t try last year.

-Just have fun!!! Working out and running make me feel great and as long as I am having fun and changing it up then I am going to keep on trucking!!

Do you take an off season?

How many miles do you try and log a week?

What are your fitness goals for winter?

I would love to hear from you!! 🙂



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